Oscar party ideas to ensure that your family gathering is golden

Oscar party ideas to ensure that your family gathering is golden
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If you and your family are watching the 85th Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday night (or if you’re like us and tuning in for the red carpet shows and then shooing the little ones off to bed), here are some fun activities. Bring the red carpet experience to your house with Oscar party fun, food and activities for all ages.



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Have a fun popcorn bar (if there aren’t any kiddos with braces in your house).  Pop a bunch of kernels and have everyone do their own seasoning. See what spices you have on hand and offer a variety of seasoning options:

  • cinnamon sugar
  • ranch dressing mix
  • parmesan cheese and black pepper
  • chili powder with a bit of lime zest
  • garam masala

(If you have any leftovers, put ’em in plastic bags and include them in lunches for the week.)

If you like, put out some movie candy, too. And the good news is that it is cheaper at the grocery store than it is at the movie theater.

Or because the statue is so very gold, go with a golden food theme, including:

  • mango chunks
  • pineapples
  • yellow peppers
  • golden delicious apples (okay, maybe  stretch)
  • various cheeses
  • roasted squash soup – try this Food & Wine recipe that include maple glazed bananas for an additional golden food
  • Milanese risotto


Have your kids weigh in on every category and have them fill out their own Oscar ballots. Consider giving a special breakfast treat the next morning to the family member with the most correct picks.


For preshow entertainment, play Race to Become Oscar. Pair up and see who can most quickly wrap themselves in either gold wrapping paper (or even yellow streamers if that’s easier to find) in a take off on the “Mummy Wrap” game.

If your kids are staying up for the show, or if you’re just looking to keep the grown-ups who are watching interested, check out these fun Printable 2013 Oscar Bingo game sheets.



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My tween fashionista loves watching the red carpet. Get dressed up yourself! While watching the red carpet coverage, see if you and your tween can find something positive to say about everyone. Send the message that you don’t have to criticize, it’s just as much fun to like. With color, cut, embellishment of dresses, hair, makeup and accssories, there’s got to be something that’s decent. Maybe channel your inner Joan Rivers after you’ve made a positive comment or two.

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