Three signs that my girl is becoming a full fledged tween

My daughter was just dipping her toes in the tween waters when I started this blog a few months ago. Like any transition, the slide into the tween years is not an automatic one. There are times she seems very much still a little girl, and other times when it feels like those days are firmly in the rear view mirror. Lately it has felt more like the latter as she dives into the choppy tween waters.

The three most recent signs that she’s a full fledged tween:

  1. “You have it all wrong, Mother.” She announced this to me this afternoon. Loudly.  She doesn’t say “mother” hardly ever, and I’ve never heard it said with such disdain. And the “all wrong” had it’s own special emphasis. If I’m looking on the positive side, I can say that her enunciation is improving with the increase in attitude.
  2. She is excited about the high school boy substituting in her park district tennis class.  I realize this doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a shift in viewpoint for her.  Over the summer, her tennis instructors were some objectively rather attractive college guys. She didn’t notice them. At all. This recent session, Adam from the high school has filled in occasionally, and she notices. And hopes out loud at the dinner table on Tuesday that he’ll be at her class on Sunday. I take this as a good sign, however, because I’m pretty sure that a bit further into the tween years she won’t be discussing boys at the table in front of her parents.  Guess I’ll take what I can get for now. And I’ll continue to encourage her to focus on hitting the tennis ball when she’s at tennis lessons.
  3. She’s sleeping in. Not surprising, as the sleep cycle of tweens differs pretty dramatically from that of younger children, as anyone who has had to get out of bed for high school can attest. She’s still getting the amount of sleep that a tween needs, but instead of her beating me out of bed, a gradual shift means that I am now waking her for school every morning.

These are still wonderfully sweet days, but the emerging tween behavior make the glimpses of my little girl that I catch on occasion are that much more precious.

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