Springsteen: "I think I'm starting to steal Justin Bieber's audience"

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s tour de force performance last night at Wrigley Field was, simply put, awesome.  The three and a half hour concert included many memorable moments and special guests Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine. It also included a stellar performance by a tween.

As the Boss was singing “Waiting on a Sunny Day,” he plucked 10 year-old Brianna out of the first row and she joined him on stage to sing the chorus.  The crowd went wild. She did great.  I’m not sure that just any tween could hop up on stage with Springsteen, look out upon a packed Wrigley Field and belt it out, but this tween had no problems doing so. Springsteen encouraged her to keep going and then scooped her up and carried her safely back to her mom, Mary Pat Miller.

The close up on the video screen of the tween’s elated face was priceless, as was the look on her mom’s face as she hugged the new star.

Springsteen later commented on the number of kids in the audience, mostly tweens, and said, “I think I’m starting to steal Justin Bieber’s audience.” The reference to tween pop star got a good laugh from the crowd.

I haven’t been able to find video or info on the lucky tween in Chicago yet, but apparently, this isn’t a Chicago-specific part of the show.  Bruce has been plucking tweens from the masses of fans to help him with that song throughout his tour. Here’s a video of him dueting with a 10 year-old girl in Toronto.  That tween’s dad later said, “Bruce is my absolute hero. I’ve been trying to bring his music into our home, and into my daughter’s and son’s lives since they were very young.”

I feel a little guilty for not bringing my tween to the concert. Aside from the issue of ticket prices, I’m not certain that she’d have the stamina to make it through the three and a half hours standing and dancing until midnight that a performance by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band involves.  Frankly, after a tough week, I was worried at times that I wouldn’t make it (and yes, that made me feel very lame as Bruce ran across the stage and went a full 70 minutes from song to song to song before taking the briefest pause).

Springsteen closed the show with “Twist and Shout” because he wanted to “send you home dancing” and that he did. And a lucky tween had extra reason to do some happy dancing.

Would your tween have made it through the show?  Been able to sing along with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band on stage?

Update: This post was updated to include the name of the tween and her mom.

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