Five wishes for my new fifth grader

My tween starts fifth grade tomorrow.  I am amazed by how much she has grown up in the past year.  Last year, she started fourth grade at a new school and was very much your shy, nervous new kid.  Since then, she has grown, both 3 inches in height and also in confidence and abilities. She has matured into a  full-blown tween in this past year.  As she heads back to school, I am excited to see what this coming academic year brings, and have five wishes for her time in Grade 5.

  1. Exploration.  I hope that you venture out and try new things and discover interests and passions you never knew you had.  I hope you find new books that captivate you, new subjects that intrigue you, and new teachers and new friends who help you see the world and yourself in new ways.
  2. Minimal drama. You’re a tween girl.  I’m not naive enough to think that the coming academic year will be drama free, but my wish is that you will be able to rise above the social torment. I hope that you are a kind fifth grader who gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. I hope that you see mean girls as they are and not give them more power than they deserve. I hope that you diffuse the drama, not perpetuate it.
  3. Balance.  I struggle with knowing how much time you need with activities, how much alone time you need and ensuring that there isn’t too much screen time.
  4. Good health.  I’ve been ridiculously blessed with a healthy child and I am very grateful.  I hope that the coming year, you stay healthy and active and enjoy running and leaping and dancing.
  5. Fun.  Fifth grade is a pretty awesome year.  In her school, she’s the oldest grade in the school.  It’s big time.  And it seems like the calm before the junior high storm.  Enjoy having a desk, not a locker.  Enjoy recess and monkey bars. Enjoy the innocence that is elementary school.  I know I will.


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