Disney Channel rules tween screens

Disney Channel rules tween screens

“Jessie.” “Good Luck, Charlie.” “Phineas and Ferb.”

Sound familiar?  They probably do if your tween watches the Disney Channel.

It appears that lots of tweens watched the Disney Channel over summer break, as Disney Channel announced in a press release that it was the most-watched cable TV network for the first time in the network’s history in Total Day in Total Viewers. It was the top tween summer network for the seventh summer in a row.

My kid may as well have led a one-tween charge to get Disney to the front of the ratings race with her insatiable appetite for all three of the shows above, but I’ll confess that there were many shows that we as parents watched with her.

I suspect that the channel’s high ratings is due in some part to the broad appeal of many of the shows. “Phineas and Ferb” is must-see TV for many families, not just tweens, and has a dual level humor that appeals to a lot of adults I know. “Good Luck, Charlie,” is a family sitcom that reminds me of those I used to watch with my parents and brother in the 80s. They are not Cosbys, but I admit that I find the Duncans to be a likable TV family. There aren’t a lot of sitcoms with family-wide appeal currently available, particularly in the summer. It’s not a perfect show, and I don’t always approve of the teenagers’ actions, but that has been the start of several conversations between my tween and me.

Paul DeBenedittis, senior vice president, Programming, Disney Channels Worldwide, acknowledged that families factor in to the ratings race and said: “Our multiplatform summer plan catered to our viewers by showcasing unique and compelling stories and characters and attention-worthy programming events that they love. We have a diverse group of hit series to work with, and connected with kids age 2-14 and their families with content that is relevant and entertaining to them.”

In contrast, Nickelodeon had seen its ratings drop 29% in the first half of the year. Analysts wonder whether the availability of Nickelodeon reruns on Netflix for shows such as “Sponge Bob” is a reason for the drop in Nickelodeon’s ratings, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Do your kids watch the Disney Channel? What’s your tween’s favorite show? Do you watch, too?

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