These are the cities that "Nikk N' Nate: State 2 State" will be visiting on our epic road trip.

We chose the destinations for our road trip by counting the results from a poll and requests from people on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. More cities may be added later. On August 19th, we will announce the order in which we will visit each location. We start the road trip in Chicago on August 24th.

This trip is partially being funded by selling my EP, “The Strong Survive.” The EP costs ten dollars, please try to bring exact change. We will not have a credit card machine. When you show up to buy a cd and hang out with us, please note that YOU WILL BE FILMED and may be included in the “Nikk N’ Nate” video series on the NatesVlogs Youtube page. If you don’t want to be filmed please let us know as soon as you arrive.

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Destination Cities

Fri. Sept. 3rd  Cleveland

Sat. 4th  Detroit

Sun. 5th Boston

Mon. 6th Baltimore & DC 

Tues. 7th NY

Wed. 8th NY

Thurs. 9th Philly

Fri. 10th  ATL

Sat. 11th ATL

Sun. 12th Orlando

Mon. 13th Orlando

Tues. 14th Miami

Wed. 15th  New Orleans

Thurs. 16th Houston

Fri. 17th Dallas

Sat. 18th Vegas

Sun. 19th LA

Mon. 20th LA

Tues. 21st  San Fran

Fri. 24th  Chicago

If you have suggestions about where we should meet up in your hometown, like a restaurant, a park, a festival, or even an event, please HIT US ON OUR FACEBOOK FORUM. We’re open to suggestions.

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