Glen Plake Goes Barefooting

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It’s not hard to spot Glen Plake on the ski slopes with his 15-inch, colorful Mohawk leading the way as he hot dogs down the mountains.  Plake is known as the pioneer of extreme skiing and he has starred in several skiing films. He and his wife, Kimberly, regularly visit the smaller ski resorts around the U.S. to encourage others to take up the sport.

Earlier this week, the folks on Lake Conine in Winter Haven probably did a double-take at the sight of Plake stepping off of a water ski and zipping around the lake on his bare feet.  Plake and his wife spent three days at the World Barefoot Center with Keith St. Onge, the two-time World Barefoot Champion.

The Mohawk stayed surprisingly intact during his first run, but once
the water hit the hair gelatin, the hairdo was history.  Plake wrapped
it in a pony tail and went to work on jazzing up his barefooting
skills.  Plake is no stranger to speed– he is also known for his 100+
-mph races on water skis.

St. Onge was nursing a knee injury,
but he took some time to get out on the water and enjoy a few runs with
Plake.  St. Onge’s fiance, Lauren Lindeman, also joined the Plakes on the

“One thing about Plake– he really lives in the moment,” said St. Onge.  “Nothing else matters but enjoying that moment to the fullest.” 

From the sounds of laughter that rang out on Lake Conine, it looks like the Plakes enjoyed their footin’ time on the water. 


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