[cue the
traveling music]

Some people
hate being cooped up in a vehicle 
— not me. I like riding and driving. I like watching the scenery change and trying to get as
much open road behind me as possible. My grandfather and his brothers were
car-crazy entrepreneurs and owned a taxi 
business; they did cross town and cross country trips… I guess it’s just in my blood.

Add to that
driving gene the realization that the road rhythm soothes the savage boys and
yeah… I really dig road trips.

Genesis has
always been a good rider  *Well,
there was that one time on the last leg of the Chicago to NY tour back in 2000,
but he had just turned 1 so I’ve given him a pass on that incident. 

I credit Joe for nurturing that side of Gen that can just sit still and ride. While I
worked the 3rd shift, Joe drove our first newborn around Chicago
to soothe their nerves. Gen’s comfortable rollin’; he’ll stare out of the
window, read, sleep, write, play video games, watch DVDs – Again, aside from
that incident in 2000, he’s a model citizen on the road.

That other
one? Well, he’s coming around. As a baby, you would’ve thought Noah’s car seat was
made of rusty steel and acid. A trip longer than 15 minutes would send the kid
into a screaming fit. He couldn’t take it.  He only seemed to feel better after he stripped.  He’d come out of his clothes; not just
his shoes and socks but his pants and top, too. The boy was Houdini.

Noah has
since learned to tough out the seat belt confines (and stay dressed). He likes to
know the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), the information helps him to regulate himself.
There are times when I hear him saying, “I can do this.” And all I can think
is, “Yeah, work it out dude, ’cause you come from ‘riding folk – you will be spending time in car.”

Plus, the
trips to visit our family and friends allow for some quality time.
Sure, we talk, do group sings and spelling contest but there are actually long stretches of time when no one feels
compelled to fill up the silence.  The quiet time is beautiful.  I meditate, relive good memories, pray, gain perspective, figure
out my next move, etc. And I’d like to believe the younger testosterones are doing
the same.

IMG_1099.jpgOh well. 

Have a great weekend and travel safely!



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  • Nice entry! Great pix! Love the old one! Is that your grandfather?

  • Thanks Anita! Yup, that's my Papa - the late great Louis Sinclair Bynum (of Bynum Brothers Taxi in Peekskill, New York)

  • That is so cool!!! Neat photo! I love it. That should be made into an 8 x 10 and put on the wall! Have a great weekend!

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