How to Build a Lifelong Passion for Fine Arts and a Real Art Collection for Your Children

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My friend, Laurence Lafforgue, a former top-level ad-agency executive in New York left her high powered position to follow her passion: Art. Her goal was to make original, affordable, collectible limited-edition prints accessible to all, so “discerning art lovers could put their money where their love was.” And thus began ArtWeLove, an online store featuring established and up-and-coming artists. 

In addition to her impressive resume, Laurence also happens to be the mother of a two year old girl, Paloma, and a newborn boy, Paul. She’s incredible and today, she’s writing about being both an entrepreneur on a mission and a mom. Enjoy!


With ArtWeLove, I help people make the best of contemporary art part of their lives easily, enjoyably, and affordably. We work with leading contemporary artists – those in museums and galleries around the country – to produce affordable museum-quality limited editions of their works, which everyone can buy off our website for as little as $25.

Recently, I’ve decided to bring my own experience of being a mother into my venture by creating ArtWeLove for Kids, a selection of kid-friendly art that’s not kidding around.

It’s with Paloma, my now 2-year old daughter, that I’ve started thinking about ways to engage children with the arts at a young age. Art is a powerful way to foster creativity in children and also a great way to lift their spirits, as testified by the incredible work that an organization like RxArt does to bring contemporary fine art into children’s hospitals.

Very naturally, I found myself wondering what to put on the walls of my daughter’s bedroom, but I did not like the idea of using so-called “children’s art” that wasn’t going to last past Paloma’s 5th birthday.

I began asking myself why should I settle for this when I work with leading contemporary artists to produce affordable limited editions of their work that could last a lifetime? As it turns out, many of these world-renowned artists are parents, too, and have produced engaging, vibrant, and imaginative art with their little ones in mind.

So I selected from our collection those prints that would stimulate the brains of little ones, like high-contrast, colorful pieces (especially important for infant brain development), abstract pieces, and illustrations that could provide the backdrop to engaging activities with my daughter.

It was fun to discover Paloma was really into abstract and conceptual imageries early on, and then started turning to more representational and illustration pieces when she hit two and could start telling herself stories.

ArtWeLove LLC 2011

The best part is that these editions are all collectible items: exclusive, numbered, paired with a certificate of authenticity. So while I’m decorating my child’s bedroom without breaking the bank, I’m also building a small collection of prints by leading artists for my children that will only appreciate over time. 

Like good wine, it will all age well, and I can rotate some of these prints in other parts of my home too, because while they work really well for children, they also work as masterpieces all around.

Last but not least, most of our prints are made with fade-resistant, archival-quality ink and are printed on paper made from tree-free cotton linters salvaged from the textile industry. Because collecting art should also be a responsible and sustainable human activity.

I hope you will enjoy our selection of exclusive photographs and illustrations, and that they provide a vibrant, imaginative way for you and your children to explore story-telling and discover forms and colors.

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  • This is exactly the kind of art I want to display in my home! Thank you for bringing Art We Love to our attention. Great post!

  • In reply to erago:

    Oh good! I'm so glad you found this post helpful. Laurence is truly a wonderful woman and has developed a top-notch company. Not only do they carry amazing artwork, but they give back to the community. It feels good to support companies that do good. Happy shopping!

  • In reply to erago:

    I love, love this. Too bad I didn't know about it when I was pregnant and decorating the nursery. I'm going to look into it.

  • In reply to erago:

    Fantastic pieces! This will be great when we remodel the girls' rooms!

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