The Cat Obsession

My son Cooper is obsessed with cats.  When he was a baby, Cooper loved our two cats, Pita and Josh.  However, by the time Cooper was born, our cats were old and not very tolerant, yet they loved Cooper.  I could not believe the stuff Cooper could get away with when ‘playing’ with Pita and Josh.  Although we tried to teach him to be nice to the cats, when he was a baby Cooper would grab their fur, pull their tail, trip over them or just sit on them.  The crazy thing is they were OK with it and went back for more. 


We also had a dog too, but Cooper showed no interest in him.  As Cooper became a toddler, he learned to be nicer to his cats and really bonded with the older cat Pita.  Whenever Cooper would stop and sit, Pita jumped at the chance to curl up with him.  Cooper would tell everyone about his cat Pita. 


Unfortunately old age got the best of our pets, and in 2009; we lost all three, with Pita being the last to go. 


Cooper has a few stuffed cats that he sleeps with every night, and all of them are named Pita.  Ken and I would love to get another cat for him, however we are not ready for that yet…mainly because we want to sell our house and want to wait until we are settled in a new house before getting any pets. 


So instead, we go and visit the cats at the shelter and the pet stores every chance we get.  Cooper loves it and this somewhat helps his cat fixation. 


Since we did not jump on buying him a cat when Pita passed, Cooper resorted to having an imaginary cat friend who came around every day.  Guess what the cat’s name was…Pita.  Then the imaginary cat stopped coming around and Cooper himself decided that he was a cat.  He crawled around on all fours, meowing and purring. 


Then on Thanksgiving night, I was reading the Toys R Us ad and saw this FurReal line of stuffed cat toys.  I thought it might help Cooper with his obsession for a real cat so I told my cousin Jenny about buying it for him for Christmas.


She jumped on it and bought him one.  Well, when Cooper opened it, he was a bit unsure, but after a minute or two he loved it.  The toy walks, purrs and meows just like a real cat.  It is a little creepy…just ask my sister-in-law Heather who would not touch it or sit by it on Christmas Day. 


However, now that we have our FurReal cat, Cooper does not ask for a real cat anymore.   


Was this cat obsession just a phase?  Maybe.  Or, maybe Cooper just found his replacement Pita. Who knows.  One thing is for sure  — sorry Auntie Heather — the FurReal cat is here to stay, at least for a little while.

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  • My daughter, Evija, used to torture our little kitten, Phatty Tom, all the time. She didn't really understand that he wasn't a stuffed animal and she would carry him around like a ragdoll sometimes. It took awhile for her to get used to him and realize that his stuffing could actually fall out. :)

  • Anita - thank you so much for the response. He is so cute with his new cat.

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