Our Very Own American Idol

I have a cold. For me, that means I get kinda spacey. Coming up with something to write this week seemed such a daunting task. Good ideas would pop up, but nothing I could really nail down, until I realized that I kept drifting back to the same topic: how totally awesome Lee DeWyze was on “American Idol” Tuesday night!

He completely found his confidence and hit his song out of the park. Even Simon said to him that this was the night that will change his life. He has shown great vocal skills before, but it seemed to all come together for him this time.
I have been a fan of Idol since season two. Zoe would be sitting in her high chair in our loft (in the city, sigh), having her dinner, at least until until Idol came on. Then she was riveted. Soon, I was too. I’ve seen every season since. I rooted for Bo and Ruben, climbed on board the Soul Patrol, was a cougar for David Cook (or so we ‘older’ ladies who loved him were called), and sat bewildered when Adam Lambert lost last year. But this year, oh, this year, it is SO different. It’s personal (even though I am one of the few who didn’t buy paint from him!). Lee DeWyze is from my town and everyone here is going bananas! (Everyone that is, except my husband, who nicely reminded me that he doesn’t even watch lah-di-dah!).
Today, I biked all over town on this lovely 70 degree spring day taking pictures of all the signs our local businesses have put up. (I even sun burned my arms doing so!) I went into one shop called Real Deals to finally find a decent (and late) birthday gift for Laura (sorry!), and before the owner even said hi, she asked me, “So, how many times did you vote for Lee last night?” and I’d never even met her! 
The local paper, The Daily Herald, did a story from Prospect High School where the kids are making and selling t-shirts saying Vote 4 Lee (I need to get my hands on one of those!). They have also been doing performance reviews weekly for both Lee and Crystal (who moved to Chicago five years ago). 
Here are the pictures to show you all just how crazy we are in this town for Lee. I even got a shot of the paint store where he worked. We are so proud of him! If anyone knows his family here locally, please forward this, as they are in LA and cannot see the town’s support! (oh, and in the spirit of Chicago, please, next Tuesday, vote early and vote often for Lee!!- I really want that home town visit to come through here-we can pre-party and make signs at my house!)


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  • I think I am the only person who has watched American Idol maybe once or twice. Am I left out?!

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