A Complete Guide to the Chicago Art Season Opener

On Friday, September 11, 2009, over 70 galleries will open their doors and showcase some of their strongest work in the opening of the season. Even though there’s no official name or corporate sponsor, the streets in the West Loop and River North are filled with people, and the galleries are so packed that you can’t see anything beyond the crowd.

The irony is that you can’t see much art on the opening night. Oh well. That’s what friends are for.

For us gallery rats, this is the big cheese-cube-on-a-toothpick night, and the box wine and Old Style flows like a river.

Who’s charging at the door on opening night? (one gallery said they would). If you barf on the trolley will Ginny Berg tell you you’ll never show in this town again? (no, she’s actually really nice). Every aspect of opening night will be handled in-depth as we dedicate over 30 posts to prepping for the opening fall season.

Our coverage includes:

· 20+ galleries previewed and photographed before the opening (see list and links) by the hugely expanded FNA

· Custom Google Map of Galleries having an opening on Fri 9/11, including trolley route

· The Burke/Hildwine Index – One art couple’s personal picks for night (Friday morning)

· The ultimate, super duper, image-enhanced Gallery Crawl and So Much More on the ATC blog

Miss it? Fear Not. Natalie Edward wraps up the whole West-Loop thing in 522 words.  

May all the galleries live long and prosper! May all the art students come back and actually buy something when they get real jobs! La vie est art! L’art est la vie!

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