Huffington, ABC Latest To Mislead Voters On Carol Moseley Braun's Campaign - They Did It to Harold, now on Carol

The Huffington Post-Chicago section today reported that Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun has not aired one single TV Ad for her campaign while in fact THREE TV Ads of the campaign have been released and have been running for two weeks on several TV stations on Chicago CAN-TV Network with the capacity to broadcast to all of Chicago citizens just like the major commercial TV stations can. In order for Braun to win, she must reconnect her campaign to the grassroots voters who have felt that no major campaign really try to cater to them and they are ignored, so it was and is plus for the Braun campaign to first invest their funds to the very grassroots voters and Black voters she needs to turnout for this election that is being held during Black History Month and on the very day February 22nd that Chicago’s first Black Mayor was elected. Since Braun’s campaign does not have the multi millions of dollars that Rahm Emanuel or Gery Chico have been spending on the commercial TV stations with their TV Ads, then it made sense for Braun to take advantage of still being able to reach hundreds of thousands of Chicago viewers who watch the stations on The CAN-TV Network. The Huffington writers/editors showed a clear bias against Braun by publishing today that Braun  Campaign has not released a single TV Ad when three such TV ads are running, and that Huffington also received copies of when they were released. I have sent Huffington request requesting that they clarify that they only consider TV Ads as legitimate if they are bought on Commercial TV stations, while the stations of the CAN-TV Network can reach the same viewers from grassroots constituencies that Braun needs.

With all the history surrounding this February 22nd election and with a 42% Black population in Chicago, it was hard to believe that Chicago’s ABC7 News station would release a new poll that alleges that Rahm Emanuel is the overwhelming choice of Black voters and that Braun campaign received just 6% support. Just a couple of weeks ago Braun was polling at over 20% in a WGN-TV/Chicago Tribune poll, and since those TV spots have been running, along with a radio campaign on Chicago’s WVON mobilizing for Braun, more people have been joining her e-mail database, coming in to her volunteer offices across the city, and then with that momentum comes this ABC7 poll saying the exact opposite. Its is clear to me you get an absolute difference in polling based on who the pollster calls, and I can assure you that Richard Day was not calling the thousands of people tuning in to the WVON “Harold To Carol” Black History Month mobilization shows, or they did not call the thousands of voters who have been watching her TV Ads that have running on the stations on the CAN-TV network or the hundreds of thousands of Chicago voters getting weekly e-blasts from the Braun campaign and from other social media services..

These major news agencies are showing their clear bias against Braun, for whenever a grassroots news report shows momentum for Braun, it receives NO ATTENTION yet when there is something negative about Braun. Huffington and ABC jumped at the opportunity to now portray Braun’s campaign in the worst way and to keep elevating this unbelievable and unbeatable status of Rahm Emanuel, who I guess must receive some major media rewards for the millions that he is pouring in to the commercial media. I guess it is embarrassing for Rahm not to be receiving better poll results after weeks of TV ads with President Obama and former President Clinton.

You would think that in a majority Black city and a majority of women registered voters that there would be more talk about whether or not Black voters will use the symbolism of the exact date of Chicago first Black Mayor being elected on February 22nd to make Black history again during this Black History Month election and elect another Black Mayor — Or if Chicago’s majority female population want to use this election to elect another woman Mayor since Jane Byrne.. You will see no such focus by Huffington, ABC or any of the mainstream media because those two scenarios would add to the momentum for another politically historic election of Carol Moseley Braun, but the media historically shown their biases against the election of Harold and they show it today with their bias against Carol. But Carol, like Harold can still win and make history for women and Blacks during this Black History Month and on the date that elected Harold and Carol.


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  • The run-ons and poor punctuation of this piece make it almost impossible to parse. I'm not sure I understand, are you pro Carol or anti ABC and Huffington?

  • The major networks do not have a bias against Carol; they have a bias against people without money. It takes money to run a commercial on network television-- something Carol doesn't have. She can get airtime for a commerical if she pays the same rate as Chico and Emanuel. Bias wuld be asking for more (or less) than what Rahm and Chico are paying. That would be like claiming bias against Joe Parrillo for not selling you a BMW when you have enough money for a matchbox car.

    That's not bias. That's bad business.

    Carol lost the campaign because she has, to a large extent, made the campaign about race. Vote for the historic campaign during black history month on the same date Harold was elected or as you have written for weeks ("from Harold to Carol"). People are getting turned off by being ordered to vote for her because of our race. That's why a recent poll has a majority of blacks supporting Rahm-- 53%.

  • You see media bias. What everyone else sees is that CMB bought ads on a channel no one watches because she lacks the financial support to buy ads on the channels people do watch. The fact that you need money to run a campaign may not be fair, but it isn't media bias.

  • Thank you for your comments:

    Its media bias when they state like HuffingtonPost did todayu in that Braun "has not run one single TV Ad" should be claried to state that the only legitimate TV ads are those on commercial TV Networks.

    And why dont people ever quote the "Harold To Carol" column that says Black people should NOT vote for Carol because she is Black, no more than we voted for Harold because he was Black?" Vote for Carol because she brings more governmental expereince on the local, countyu, state, national, and international levels thah Rahm or Chico; Vote for Carol because she did not use her poltical connections to make millions from government contacts like Rahm and Chico; biut do not vote for her just because of Black; Vote for Carol because she sued The State Democratic Party whose lawsuit resulted in 3 new Black and 1 new Hispanic districts and there are more Blacks currently volunteering for Carol's campaign than were polled in the recent poll being distributed by the major media today. Vote for Carol because she was the first to use money from the governments military budget to creatre a Bonzeville Military Academy, and I went on with other example other than her being Black. And Carol has NOT ONE public statement saying voite for me because I am Black but because she is best qualified, and I am sure that my one little promotion cannot be taken as the view of her campaign or message saying why to vote for her. All Blacks did not vote for Harold and all Blacks will not vote for Carol.

    Finally, from a historical basis, this IS the first election of a new mayor of the exact date of Harold's election, and the elction then and now IS during Black History month with over 600,000 registered Black voters alone and will be watched at how they will vote this Black History Month.

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