Youth From President Obama's Roseland Community Have State Of Emergency Press Conference on Chicago Violence

President Barack Obama spent his first days as a Chicago Community Organizer in Chicago’s Roseland community and today, the youth from thst commmunity hold a State of Emergency Press Conference to remind President Obama that on his birthday that far too many of the youth from his old organizing community and those like have had historic tragic death dates and that he needs to pay some attention to the saving of human life as he does to saving wildlife in the Gulf.

To todays youth in Roseland, I’d like to think that “President” Obama still cares as much for poor people in urban communities as the “Community Organizer” Obama I used to know. Keep speaking up and out, for that is what “organizers” do.





Today · Wednesday, August 4th  12:00pm – 1:00pm

Location Kids Off The Block ( Memorial site)

11621 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL

Created By
Camiella D. Williams

More Info It is time for the youth to be heard by the Washington Administration!
we will be calling President Obama out on the violence issues he has been ignoring. This Press Conference is youth led only. Those who are not youth are welcome to come and support.. for more information please call (773) 430-6951

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