Improv Is Just Like Thanksgiving!

There are weird similarities between the world of Improvisation and the Thanksgiving holiday. 


(look at these guys. They’re hilarious.)

  • Long after the joke/turkey is done, people keep picking at it.
  • You don’t always get to choose whom you eat/play with, but if everyone’s polite and obeys the houserules we can all get along for the meal/show.
  • People you haven’t seen for years expect to rejoin the group as if they never left.
  • Every year it’s the same old argument; long-form/sit-down dinner vs. short-form/buffet.
  • You don’t have to dress up, but if you do it’s always nice and appreciated.
  • You know it’s working if people are laughing with you. improvshow.jpg
  • Discussing how the meal was made, where the ingredients come from, etc., is no where as much fun as the actual eating.
  • You shouldn’t be a glutton! Everyone wants some!
  • Celebrities, especially on TV, don’t help the meal/show.
  • Usually, politics and religion should be handled with diplomatic aplomb for God’s sake.
  • The day is always better when everyone brings something to the table.
Got something you want to add?! Please comment below! I’ll compile and repost! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • There will always be people with special needs- allergies, vegetarians, steam-rollers. And you can either accommodate them or make them eat just a plate of mashed potatoes and rolls. Either way it says more about you than them.

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