Dr. Ben Carson – Evolution is Satan’s work? Not so fast.


Why are there breeds and species on the Galapagos Islands that don’t exist anywhere else on earth? Don’t look for the answer, that’s the devil’s work. This would have been Republican presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson’s advice to Charles Darwin if he had lived 150 years ago.

In 2011, Carson gave a speech about “Creationism vs. Evolution.” Ironically he began the discussion talking about the frontal lobe of the human brain that allows human reasoning. He then later proved that the brain may allow reason, but certainly doesn’t guarantee it, as he then abandoned reason for madness.

“This whole creation evolution controversy has been raging on really from the beginning. Because what is Satan’s plan? To get rid of god. To disparage god. To mischaracterize god.” Seriously, this is what Dr. Carson said in the year 2011.

In this same speech he makes the claim that no transitional fossils have been found over the past 150 years and that Lucy was just a human with a deformed skull. A simple Google search could have cured the doctor’s staggering ignorance, but apparently any kind of research is “Satan’s plan.”

First off, the whole creation vs. evolution debate is actually extremely recent in human history. Many religions don’t address the origins of our world at all, and civilizations existed long before the earliest parts of Bible were written. The Great Pyramids were built over 1,000 years before the story of Moses was said to have taken place.

There are religions with no Biblical concept of god that don’t contain creation myths. There are religions with a myth about a god (or giant turtle) creating the universe, but no real detail that would then counter modern scientific discoveries.

Many, including the ancient Egyptians, didn’t ask questions. They allowed myths to falsely fill in the gaps of ignorance from generation to generation. Challenging the priests was not part of the culture or tradition. I suppose, according to Carson, this was a good thing. For thousands of years they didn’t follow “Satan’s plan.”

The ancient Greeks began asking questions and opining that natural explanations served better than supernatural ones for explaining phenomenon. The father of Taoism, Lao Tzu, opined that if lightning was the result of an angry god, that god was very angry at trees.

Aristotle asked questions and tried to solve the problem of animal origins. He came up with spontaneous generation. Flies would spontaneously generation from dung. Alligators would spontaneously generate from fallen tree limbs in the water.

We now know that spontaneous generation from dung is not the best explanation for flies. However, it does provide the best explanation for Ben Carson’s creationist arguments.

Is evolution a satanic atheist plot to remove god through scientific inquiry? Judging by the billions of Christians and people of other faiths involved in the study and understanding of this fundamental principle which serves as the foundation for biological diversity, that answer is no.

Ben Carson is one of the shameless creationists peddling the notion that believing in evolution means someone isn’t a Christian. This is a belligerent lie, and people like Carson should be ashamed at themselves for telling it.

In 1996, Pope John Paul II openly declared the reality of evolution and that it was compatible with the Christian faith. Was the Pope not a Christian under the modern umbrella use of the term?

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams fully acknowledged that humans evolved from other animals. Was the Archbishop not a Christian?

President John F. Kennedy openly discussed evolution. In fact, one of his discussions about our origin and attraction to the sea was played for a cruise line commercial in the Super Bowl broadcast. Was JFK not a Christian?

When creationist Michael Behe claimed that the bacterial flagellum was irreducibly complex, a fellow Christin demonstrated how it could be broken down to simpler independent components. Behe was schooled by Kenneth R. Miller. Professor Ken Miller is a Christian.

The truth is that thousands of Christians have been involved in the advancement of evolutionary biology, and they’re just as Christian as Ben Carson or any other misguided creationist. Being Christian doesn’t have to dictate being scientifically stupid. Modern Christianity doesn’t require categorizing scientific inquiry as “Satan’s work,” and throwing our brains in the trash.

Being scientifically literate doesn’t mean aligning oneself with Satan any more than it means aligning oneself with Emperor Ming. Fortunately creationists like Dr. Ben Carson do not represent most Christians. He is part of the lunatic fringe. His dated and delusional attacks on the modern scientific fact of evolution clearly demonstrate that he’s unfit to be President.

-James Kirk Wall

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