Insanity of a Jealous God

Many non-believers struggle with the fact that so many good and intelligent people actually believe in the Bible despite all the irrational nonsense. As someone who aspires to be patient and respectful, this is something I wrestle with constantly. The Second Commandment declares that god is a jealous god. How can this insanity be ignored? Would the sole creator of life and billions of galaxies really need a bunch of gnats stroking his ego? Is it more likely that a jealous god created jealous men, or jealous men created a jealous god? I have to go with the latter. Of all the madness in the Bible, a jealous god has to be the most absurd. But perhaps I’m the one who is nuts.

Many non-believers don’t understand how anyone can take the Bible seriously. We are completely outnumbered by those who keep repeating the ridiculous mantra that god is perfect, there are no contradictions in the Bible, and that America was built on Judeo-Christian values. For the latter, I suppose we should simply discard the fact that our First Amendment is in direct contradiction to the First Commandment. In response to the enormous rhetoric that biblical scripture is divine, non-believers continually read the Bible to ensure that we’re not the ones who are crazy. After turning the pages, we receive our confirmation and celebrate our sanity.

Many think that people are not religious because they haven’t read the Bible when the exact opposite is true. A recent study showed that on average the non-religious know more about the Bible than those who label themselves Christians which does make sense. Early indoctrination and “blind faith” would explain why so many people believe that this so called holy book is perfect. After much deliberation I’ve come to the deduction that dogmatic allegiance to this religion is a form of insanity. Millions of people around the world who are competent in all other aspects of life abandon reason for madness when it comes to their religious beliefs.

Good Christians are not good because of this Bible, but despite it. A conduit for expressing goodness and love does not have to be god or Jesus. There are many other channels available that don’t have all the baggage. If you are going to be a good Christian in spite of the Bible, be a Cafeteria Christian. Just pick and choose a few verses that you like and can repeat over and over again. Disregard the rest. Just pretend that most of the pages don’t exist.

For those guided by rationalism, ignoring the nonsensical angry and jealous god of the Bible is not an option. We cannot simply shrug off the god commanded cruelty in Numbers 31 and skip ahead. No matter how convenient it would be to accept the Christian religion and fit in with the majority population, we are not capable. As desired as heavenly promises are, we cannot blindly accept nonsense. For good or bad, we are destined to keep our faith closely aligned with reality as in what we know to be tangible. We don’t allow our convictions to linger in fantasy. If that means we go to hell then so be it. We have no more fear of hell than fear of trolls lurking under the bridge.

I make no claim that my label makes me smarter or more ethical than one who calls themselves a Christian. However, when it comes to religious discussion, I do declare myself to have an enormous advantage in rationality and argumentation. Examining the Bible has left me no choice but to stake that claim.

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