Cosplay = Double Life

Yellow Ranger ACen 2007.jpg

Nash as the Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger @ Anime Central 2007 (photo by

It has come to my attention that a good number of people out there have no idea what cosplay is!!! SHOCKING!!! Don’t fret. You’re in luck. Let me break it down for you. Let’s start with the word cosplay. The word “cosplay” is short for the words costume and play. Cosplayers are people who use costumes and props to bring characters to life. Basically, you can wear costumes when it’s not Halloween. The cosplay phenomenon originally started in Japan with fans or otaku dressing up as their favorite characters from anime, manga, live action series, and even J-rock and J-pop stars. Despite its Japanese origins, cosplay has become extremely popular world-wide!

Although I risk sounding like a complete
dork right now, cosplay has completely changed my life. I was never
completely antisocial, but after slowly losing touch with all my high
school friends and starting a career at 19 (not to mention I worked
ridiculous hours), I found it extremely hard to make new friends and
meet people. Once I put on a costume and went to my first anime
convention (Anime Central), strangers
were stopping me for pictures, people would come up to me and hug me
just because they liked my costume, it was impossible NOT to be social.
After the first day I got the hang of all the attention and started
exchanging contact information with people. Now, most of my closest
friends and even my boyfriend I’ve met through conventions and cosplay.

I do feel like a super hero some
times, living a double life. I have a job, a boyfriend, friends,
family, and an entire life outside of the spandex and lasers. Then
every now and then, I get to be a Power Ranger, or a time traveler, or
a mutant…and it’s the coolest feeling in the world. Visit my website
to see pictures of all my costumes!

Thundercats Before After.jpg

My first cosplay, Cougara, an orginal Thundercats
character debuted @ ACen 2006 (left) and then revamped by popular
demand for ACen 2009 (right) Photo credits:,


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  • Wwwwooowww! The courage to share like this is admirable. I grew up in New Orleans, where costumes appeared at least twice a year on grown-ups (Mardi Gras and Halloween). That concept is so foreign to adults I've met elsewhere, tho'. I think the fact that folks don't dress up at least once a year is sad.

    Thanks for blogging about your passions.

  • In reply to silkysoul:

    It the best hobby in the world! But I'm bias lol. And a lot more people are into it than you'd believe. I've met hundreds of cosplayers in the area, and a lot of them make their own costumes (I usually pay for some of my more awesome costumes, cause I lack the talent at the moment). About 16,200 attended Anime Central last year, and I'd guess more than half of those people were in costume!

  • In reply to Nash:

    Let me clarify a bit more: people of color that I know where I live aren't into the whole costume thing. :-D Enjoying your blog. Keep it up!

  • In reply to Nash:

    OMG, girl you r totally awesome!!!!! The details u guys put into your costumes is remarkable! A person that's not n 2 that would think u went into a costume store & got that stuff right off rack!!! WAY 2 GO COSPLAYERS!!!

  • In reply to SharonR:

    There are usually lots of details in the costumes we were, they aren't cheap either. I think it's worth it though, I usually wear the costumes to a lot of conventions before I retire them :)

  • In reply to silkysoul:

    I always associate Cosplay with a sexual act. or am I thinking Role Playing? Either share, bc I've never heard of such a thing!

  • In reply to JMilk:

    Haha! Noooo Cosplay is NOT something sexual, it's very public. Think of it like a Ren Faire...with people wearing costumes and being in character, only you're not limited to medieval garb. But that's not to say that there aren't scantily clad cosplayers out there! Some of them barely wear anything lol.

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