Project Listen To My Friends: Tips From My BGF


As I mentioned, I’m trying this new thing where I actually listen to the people that know me best.  Two weeks ago, I investigated the advice from one of my best straight male friends, Alek.  This time around, I switched sides to hear from my BGF. (P.S. I hope you wore purple yesterday for Spirit Day.  I know I did!)  Zach, a Boystown blogger, has been the apple of my fruit fly eye for years and was the decoy TDH at parties.  When TDH and I broke up, Zach picked me up from my apartment within hours and whisked me away for a BGN.


Zach has seen me through the highs, lows and bizarres of my Chicago dating life.  Plus, who knows a fruit fly better than her cherry on top?


Who Ana Should Date:

  • Funny and playfully sarcastic (but also doesn’t take everything personally…)
  • Smart enough to hold an educated conversation…about what Ana wants to talk about
  • Someone adventurous, always wanting to try something new
  • Honest, trustworthy and committed, but enough so to give her space when she needs it
  • Solid arm candy, supportive and does the small things to show he cares

Where can Ana find this guy:

  • By doing things out the norm — networking events, a friend’s party she doesn’t normally hang out with, gallery show or even a new museum exhibit opening on the arm of her favorite mo…me.

Road Test:

  • As it turned out, my social life got thrown into a bit of a whirlwind this week.  From being Anna Hovet’s guest at the Macy’s Incubator Fashion Show to being invited to the private screening of Kanye’s Runaway, I was all over the place and it felt amazing.  I realized two things: I LOVE this new independence and I doubt myself too much.   There were a ton of attractive men, but I’ve got to own number one and forget number two first. I did, however, get picked up by a guy on the walk from the Roosevelt Red Line to the Icon Theater.

The Verdict:

  • I think Zach is definitely on to something here.  My biggest complaint when I’m in a relationship is that suddenly all of my adventure disappears.  The guy never wants to try to new things.  If I meet him while expanding my horizons, that’s got to be a good thing, right?

P.S. I wanted to use Zach’s twitter picture…but it has been photoshopped beyond recognition…


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  • On to something here...of course I am! ha. I can't wait to hear about how this guy works out!!!

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