Mike Posner and Why I Love College

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(Photo Credit: Flickr Andydr) I love this photo for two reasons: it’s tagged “Frat Party” and it’s titled “Mystery Kahlua.” In Andydr’s photo caption, he writes “P.S. Fraternities are about more than just getting shitty and partying all the time. I promise.” Riiiiiiiight.

It’s no secret that I spent my college years in Scotland.  I still come out with bizarre British-isms from time to time.  Although I had the most incredible experience and would never change it, I never had that fabled American collegiate life…that was until January 2010.  It turns out, college is like Vegas or New Orleans, if they were populated with only people your own age.  Yes…it is just like the movies.

I went on a roadtrip with my Mystery Man to Indiana University to see Mike Posner, one of my fav up-and-comers, in concert with DJ Benzi and Kill Skyler, two of my fav Chicago DJs.  Mr. Mystery’s cousin is a DJ Zeke at IU, which means that we had a couches to stay on, VIP All Access to collegetown happenings and a tour guide.  That’s how I roll!

I don’t know if these American college movies are art imitating life or vice versa, but this is what happened:

  • The campus “club” had these giant plastic “SPRING BREEEEAAAAK” cups with two choices of neon-colored, super sugary cocktails on special.  If I were to guess, I’d say I had around 3 zillion.  Hey, I was in college for the night…this was research!
  • Posner is a beast.  The show was amazing.  College girls were losing their s***.
  • Some chick beelined it for Mr. Mystery and asked if he was in the Kid Cudi video.  When they realized he was with me, I received what can only be described as the stares of icy dagger death.
  • College girls are BOLD!
  • At 25, I attended my first frat party.  I also witnessed my first frat party police raid and an immediate exodus of all the underage kids.
  • Bars at frats are free?  They will give you lots of shots that vaguely taste like almond?
  • Our friend was resident DJ of the frat…I thought this meant he would let me put on Backstreet Boys and NSYNC if I wanted and just push buttons on whatever it is that DJs use…it doesn’t.
  • The next morning, I woke up in all my clothes with my contacts still in and covered in a blanket that I’m pretty sure gave me the Plague.
  • I love college.

Mike Posner is going to be in Chicago this Sunday (4/25) at VLive.  Do yourself a favor and get your tickets here.  Look for me.  I will be there reliving the crazy.  You can check out Mike Posner’s music here.  Oh, and did I tell you he’s some sort of super genius?  He’s currently enrolled at Duke University earning some sort of crazy degree, then tours on the weekends.  I want his life.  This guy is going to be HUGE.  You read it here first.

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