NSFD: Not Safe For Dad

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Earmuffs, dad!

My dad reads my blog every day, which is awesome!  I’m very fortunate that he supports what I do…BUT, I write a relationship/dating/20-something-girl-about-town blog and there are just somethings my dad does not want to know about.

Actual conversation:

Dad: So…I saw that post you wrote about the 30 guys you wanted to make out with

Me: ……It was nine….but, yes.

Dad: Well, there are just some things a dad doesn’t want to read.

As it turns out, there are certain things that I would prefer my dad doesn’t read. 

My parents always had a way of finding things out.  Besides my mom’s intuition/bloodhound detective skills, we had intercoms throughout our house that my parents would “neglect to turn off” when I had sleepovers.  They knew all about the boys I had crushes on and how they couldn’t care less, they knew all the dares I had to carry out or the truths I had to tell, they knew if I didn’t like a teacher.  I remember one particular sleepover in fifth or sixth grade where I was telling my best friend, Ashlea, that I thought I needed to start wearing a bra…my mom took me bra shopping two days later.  Coincidence?

But, let’s face it, I’m 25 now.  Don’t worry, Dad, I am every bit the lady that you and Mom raised me to be.  As a matter of fact, that whole philosophy of life that you two lended down to me is a huge factor in my personal approach to life and the background on this blog…however, sometimes we need to turn the intercom down a few notches.

If the NSFD, pops up in the title, dad…just know that Not Safe For Dad means proceed at your own risk.

P.S. I love you.  And tell mom to send cookies 🙂




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  • Ana,
    I'n not naive. Most middle aged shimmering towers of virtue beaved much differently in their own youth wehn polyester was fashionable and disco was king. I know, I was there. The try to be postitve role models and instill strong values and then hope for the best.
    Saturday makes the 40th aniversary of the night you mom was crowned homecoming queen. Although we didn't have our first real conversation for 2 1/2 years I was infatuated even then. Someday you'll find your own Valentine. You'll appreciate that a quiet dinner with a glass of wine is much more fullfilling that shots of Jack with the hunk-of-the-week. Until then, keep searching but keep your standards high.

  • In reply to AnasDad:

    I gotta admit...that comment got me a bit 'verklempt.'

    Whatta great dad.

  • In reply to AnasDad:

    "You'll appreciate that a quiet dinner with a glass of wine is much more fulfilling than shots of Jack with the hunk-of-the-week."

    OMG, Ana. Your dad is awesome.

    But I have to say, I'm super glad my dad has no idea how to wrap his head around blogging. As for his first (and only) tweet? "Trying out this sight for the first time." Adorable.

  • In reply to AnasDad:

    Ana, you've been enjoying shots of Jack with the Hunk-Of-The-Week?? I missed that blog!

  • In reply to AnasDad:

    Thanks for the great time Ana! Next time my place

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