Congratulations, You Are Single For 2010

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( You better find a good book.

Chicago is a city of seasons.  Each single in this city is as ruled by these seasons as they are by the happy hours at Cactus.  As a result, if you have not found a relationship by the third week in October, ie. “Golden Week…congratulations, you are single for another year.






Very well-illustrated by the last few days, it can be hard to go outside during the chillier

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( You might want to hang around the mistletoe at Duffy’s

months in this great city.  As Stephen Markley just said to me, “I avoid travel during winter.”  From mid-November to February, there are two worlds in Chicago: the inside and the outside.  Outside, you are forced to bundle up like you are on an artic rescue mission.  Inside, you can peel off your layers for a slightly chicer snow bunny appearance.  (Personally, I always carry a large bag so that I can change from jeans and boots to dress and heels at the bar.)  Weather like this makes you want to do one thing: hunker down, ask your sweetie over for a movie and huddle together for warmth. 


And, of course, you’ve got to consider the holidays!  Although no one wants to spend them alone, they also don’t want to feel obligated to buy gifts for someone that they’re not that invested in.  If you aren’t currently in a two-some…I’m betting holiday parties and Valentine’s Day had a little something to do with it.



Yes, my deers…that is a stag.


Then, the icy tundra begins to thaw and all the sleepy Chicagoans emerge from their caves with a severe case of cabin fever.  Many of the relationships that formed out of winter necessity have been released back to the wild.  The city awakes, you remember how many local hotties there are, you don’t have to layer your clothing beyond recognition and mating season has officially begun.  No one couples off in the spring…there are far too many short skirts in the future.


summer couple.jpg

( It’s summer…roam!


I love summer.  All you need to do is wake up, put on sundress, exit apartment.  There are a zillion festivals throughout the city (any 50Fests fans out there?) and those festivals bring boys…lots of them.  Chicago does summer so well.  You will never be short on dates, because you will never be short on cute sundresses and places to wear them…BUT none of these dates will turn into boyfriends during the summer months.  You might see the same person regularly, you might introduce him to friends, you might know the name of his childhood pet, but this guy is NOT your boyfriend.  It’s summer…unless the two of you have been dating since Golden Week…he wants options.



Autumn couple.jpg

( There’s nothing that says “DON’T LEAVE ME” like watching plants die

As the leaves begin to turn and you start wearing tights with your dresses, once again your mind turns toward the inevitable winter shutdown.  You have to start choosing between your remaining summer flings.  The guy you date in October is the horse that you’re betting on.  And, if Golden Week has come and gone, without “the conversation”, just remember…it’s awesome to be single on Halloween.


Friends…am I right??


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  • I'm pretty sure that pic up top of the emo girl sulking on the steps may have been me a month or two ago. Can't believe I've missed the boat!! I know that I'm sort of bananas, but I LOVE the wintertime. Being single does sort of make it more difficult, I can agree to that, but I feel lucky this winter since I'm not dealing with the hot mess I had to put up with last year. I guess it's back to the hunt.

  • About time someone started a blog like this! My friends and I were just talking about the winter hibernation period...seems my breakups always happen in the month of March, right on schedule!

  • Ana,

    This is great, but I think we should extend golden week to golden month. I feel like October/November are prime dating times, but if you don't have something nailed down by T-gives, you are out of the game.

    Also-what about the post-holiday break up? Dumped in January is a common tale. Just in time to brave the hibernation by one's lonesome.

  • December was definitely a hibernation period. Here's hoping for a brighter 2010 and January.

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