A Journey to Japan


A journey to Japan began a lifetime before I stepped onto the plane. Years before I had the initiative to fill out the passport paperwork and tears after a surrender of a marriage. It was for the very first time, a sacred path that led me to my soul. I recognized her in my childhood, but fate of some unknown purpose led me astray as I surrendered my own vision for someone’s dreams. Not this time, not this year, no more. The e-ticket was booked, five years of saving United miles and it was happily now or never. This was my, ever.

Ever. I like that word. At any time, at any point, on any occasion, under any circumstance, this is ever. My ever had arrived. I had seen enough betrayal and felt enough pain. If I lived my own mantra of a lifestyle with beauty and purpose, than this was it. There was no turning back, no regrets, no loves lost. If I had one last lifetime breathe to take or felt one regret what would I miss, what would I regret? That I never made it to Japan. Now my journey would begin for real,  I was going to Japan.


The moments passed so quickly once I arrived in Tokyo. The hurried, bustling energy was sweet chaos and inevitably opened the light for me to see something beyond all the vibrant colors. It was not just about seeing the Koi. The path to Niigata was simple and yet the layers of history that unfolded was captivating. I became aware that my life longing to see Japan was an experience to see myself in those that gently walked into my life.


Taking that leap of faith, crossing that barrier that binds you is the journey within yourself. We can take all the wanderlust trips that call to us, but if we have not grown from them, then they are useless. Take this moment in this new year to experience your very own soul.

The invisible thread of light carries on and although I am home, it rests within me. The journey continues each and every day for all of us. The story continues.

Love & Light… M


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Photography copyright 2016-2017 MaryEllen Malinowski, Zen Living by design | Koi Whisperer Sanctuary & Japanese Gardens

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