Keeper of the Koi = Keeper of the Water

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Koi Keeper = Water Keeper

Water is essential to each and everyone of us, and when we understand water we can understand more about ourselves and our universe we are blessed to live in. I have observed and enjoyed water for all of my life, especially my love and journeys to the sea. Yet, it has been specifically over the last ten years, in working with Koi seeing and working in poor water and rescuing Koi that have become sick from their water that I realized we have to change our outlook on water. It is important for our oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and reservoirs, but also for our own human consumption. This video I shot on 01 April, 2016 with my iphone 6 simply shows how beautiful our water can be if we take the time to care for it in a natural, holistic way both for the health of the fish and the enjoyment of our Koi keeping. In the weeks ahead I will be sharing with all of you, what I consider my spring and summer mission of working on a natural, chemical free way of water keeping.

Love & Light… M

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