Messages in the Light of the Snow


Every element in the universe has a vibration, an energy that carries within it our every thought and every action. It never leaves, it is an invisible vessel that bows to the sacred and withdraws in the darkness. Walking within the snow covered forest this week, in pure silence I could feel the energy in this soft spoken forest.  Everything, everything in the universe is connected.

If we could just, for one season, stop complaining. In summer, it is too hot, too sticky and too buggy. In autumn, the wind annoys us and in spring the rain ruins are hair. Now, the winter cold is upon us and yet the newly fallen snow and all of it’s magic is forgotten. There is too much shoveling to do and of course we can’t miss our morning jaunt to Starbucks for a green tea latte with soy. I chose a quick cup of tea at home and a walk through the forest. Starbucks can wait. I felt the vibration in the light of the snow. Our winter messenger is calling us for another attempt to hear the whispers of the universe.

Breathe the cold fresh air and be grateful you can inhale. Put those designer knee high boots on and use them for something worthwhile… a walk in the deep snow where your senses come alive from the experience. Walk gently into the woods and for once, can you look into the trees instead of at them. Let them show you the gentleness of an ice storm and the revelation of the newly fallen snow. The vibration is running through every element that exists and if you can walk one step closer to this existence the message you are waiting for will  be revealed. Simply enjoy your now, enjoy your snow.

 Love & Light… M

Photography copyright 2015 MaryEllen Malinowski, Zen Living by design | Infrared Light Int’l



 Zen Living by design Magazine Jan/Feb 2016







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  • Beautiful post. Thank you.

  • Thank you so, Weather Girl. Love & Light... M

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