Find time to set your soul free


What does it feel like to set your soul free? What limitations does time play with this role in releasing that part of you that is the essence of your entire being? These questions have been something that I have carried with me for my entire life, and only recently have I discovered that the grasp that is held on one’s soul is two fold. Release and time. In allowing oneself to be given the time to explore what their soul’s desires truly are, and feeling comfortable with that new discovery, you begin to give yourself the time and the commitment to that exploration, that inner knowing that once you feel connected, your soul is free.

There are times in our lives, especially now with the chaos of the holidays that we reach the point where we ask  ourselves how we can find the time to just set ourselves free, let alone our soul. Free from obligations and demands that seem to be put upon us by others, and yet we feel responsible to carry them through. We are pulled in so many directions, feeling guilty to take even a brief moment for ourselves. The soul begins to hide, like a small child behind a chair in the corner of the room… in complete fear.

There are those of us who wait our entire life to finally come to the realization that it is really ok to be, go, do and have everything and anything we want. It is not selfish it is being true. This is what the soul holds, the truth.

I have listened to the music.  I have rode wild horses, danced,  ice skated and swam in many oceans and seas. I have been blessed with children and relationships that have taught me well. I  have  climbed mountains,  photographed a lifetime of light to discover that it took driving a hundred miles to search for one Joshua Tree… only to find that there are hundreds of Joshua Trees. Yet I did it, I did what I feared the most and packed my bag, borrowed a friend’s rental car and drove into the unknown. I needed to see the mysteries once more, to release my story. I needed to find my soul. It wasn’t  in the finding of one particular tree that mattered anymore… it was  understanding that my soul could be free, if I would stop living within my own battle and just surrender. I was scared, I was so busy living my life that everyone else wanted me to live that I never knew what my soul truly wanted to experience.

The soul will wait your entire lifetime if it has to for you to realize that the time is now. It is calling out to you in so many ways if you would only take the time and the permission to release yourself.  You never know what your soul is capable of experiencing and achieving. What heights can be reached. Trust me people, set your soul free.

Love and Light…


   My Joshua Tree_Zen_Living_Malinowski

and I did find my Joshua Tree.


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