Reflecting with the Rain

Winter still seems to want to stay with us. It is spring and yet the cold winds and the forecast for snow in April still lingers on. We want to let go so bad and look to something new and fresh that we can place our hopes and dreams into. The solitude of the rain... Read more »

A Journey to Japan

A journey to Japan began a lifetime before I stepped onto the plane. Years before I had the initiative to fill out the passport paperwork and tears after a surrender of a marriage. It was for the very first time, a sacred path that led me to my soul. I recognized her in my childhood,... Read more »

Prince - Purple Reign

This can’t be true. Tell me this just isn’t so. Prince, the artist we all knew and loved has died. The kingdom has fallen to their knees in shock  and disbelief  that our talented muse is gone. Today we are all playing our favorite Prince songs, but for me he was the greatest talent of... Read more »

Keeper of the Koi = Keeper of the Water

  Koi Keeper = Water Keeper Water is essential to each and everyone of us, and when we understand water we can understand more about ourselves and our universe we are blessed to live in. I have observed and enjoyed water for all of my life, especially my love and journeys to the sea. Yet,... Read more »

Kate Hudson reveals her mantra for Pretty Happy

Accepting who we are. It is so simple. As Kate Hudson, the actress, producer, mother and the famous daughter of Goldie Hawn revealed last night, “by being kind to your own self then you don’t put pressure on yourself.” With a genuine spirit, confident walk and an adorable outfit, Kate Hudson walked onto the stage... Read more »

Messages in the Light of the Snow

Every element in the universe has a vibration, an energy that carries within it our every thought and every action. It never leaves, it is an invisible vessel that bows to the sacred and withdraws in the darkness. Walking within the snow covered forest this week, in pure silence I could feel the energy in... Read more »

Beyond The Boundaries That Once Defined You

It is a new beginning today. It was a new beginning yesterday, and the day before. And it will be a new day tomorrow. Yet every New Year’s Day we look back, in hopes that we will have a glimpse of our life ahead. It has been a very challenging year for all of us.... Read more »

Madonna Rebel Heart Illuminates Chicago

Madonna. Chicago. One Night. United Center. Sold Out. What more do you need to know or even imagine with the energy, love and passion that fans of Madonna have waited for, and bowed in honor at the muse of a collective enigma of love and light. The woman and the music that is an icon... Read more »

The Death of Cecil the Lion - What do we tell our children?

Cecil, The Lion King of Zimbabwe. What do we tell our children about the death of a world renown lion named Cecil? A lion that people loved, photographer’s dreamed to be able to travel to photograph him, and a country treasured. Do we share the Lion King story or do we tell the children the... Read more »

Summer Solstice

An awakening of a new promise and a new day. A realization that I could not resist. Summer Solstice. The first day of summer and the longest day of light for the year. This is another “first” for me, to witness the new summer sun and see it rise above the water over Lake Michigan’s... Read more »