About YourDoubtingThomas

YourDoubtingThomas.com was created by Brian C. Thomas in 2009.  After years of rigorous study of his Uncle Tim Russert from afar (adopted- he never knew I was his nephew), and watching the likes of Anderson Cooper, Keith Olbermann, Bill O'Reilly and even Sean Hannity on television (watching Sean Hannity is part of a game I play to see how long I can watch without yelling profanities), it was time for me to get myself on CNN and tell the world what I thought about politics like it actually mattered.

Although my television pundit persona is yet to be defined: Will I play the indignant right-winger, afraid of homosexuals, women not in skirts, Spanish speaking people and blacks?  Maybe I'll be the bleeding heart guy who wants to raise taxes and throw money at all of our ills, expecting that the people who run our government will wisely spend it?

I'll have to create new persona because those guys aren't me. I'm socially liberal while fiscally conservative and I do not let ideology drive my politics. If a republican has the right answer to a question, fine with me. I'll nod, smile and agree with comments made by Joe Scarborough and vote for Barack Obama the same day. There are two things I hate about politics: that people actually believe what Sean Hannity yells on his programs is news and that our politics is focused on political parties rather than problems and their solutions.

I grew up in Elmhurst, Illinois, about 15 miles west of Chicago. Like our past President, my mother is white and my father is black.

After finishing up at York Community High School in Elmhurst, I moved to Champaign-Urbana for undergrad and after graduating in the mid 90s, moved to Chicago for law school at DePaul University.  Now, I own a Chicago firm that represents individuals in personal injury, wrongful death and medical malpractice matters; in 2011, I was named one of 40 Illinois attorneys under 40.  In 2013, I was named a Superlawyers' Rising Star.  I am fortunate, in that I love what I do and I'm proud to do it.

The true goal on the site is not to get on CNN- hopefully, the site will drive more people to get interested in the local and state politics, so we can make informed choices at the ballot box rather than just selecting the most familiar name.  Driving more informed people to the polls will make our elected officials more accountable to us, rather than beholden to money from special interests.  I'll also try to include some interesting tidbits and on goings on in Chicago because Chicago politics all the time can get downright depressing.  Feel free to tell me what you like, what you dislike, what you agree with and what you disagree.  Thanks for checking the blog out.

Please feel free to find me here: www.thomaslawchicago.com or email me at Bthomas@thomaslawchicago.com