Did We Deserve President Donald Trump’s Assault on Our Democracy?

Did We Deserve President Donald Trump’s Assault on Our Democracy?
Trump supporters assault the Capital

A wise man once said “be careful who you let on your ship, because some people will sink the whole ship because they can’t be captain.”

We get the leaders we deserve.  America deserves chaos.  America deserves an attack on our government.  Let’s face it, we have been attacking ourselves for years.  We have attacked each other in such a way that holidays have devolved into affairs that have to be held along party lines.  Families need to have Thanksgiving dinner with Republicans in one home and Democrats in another.

People love watching car wrecks.  To satisfy our love of car wrecks, we make stars out of people on television and social media that show us the car wrecks we crave.  We put a man in the White House—a television and social media star—who by all accounts, including those who politically align with him, is the living embodiment of a car wreck.  We should not feign surprise when the shit hits the fan in Washington D.C.

Yesterday in Washington D.C., a large mob of Trump supporters, being fed the lie Donald Trump won the presidential election, marched to the United States Capital and used violence and intimidation to try to change the result of a closely contested, but fair, election.  The people, wound up and led by their leader Donald Trump, claim “illegal” votes cost him the election.  Donald Trump stoked this fire before a single vote had been cast, claiming IF he lost, it would be because of illegal votes and when only legal (Trump) votes were counted, he would win by a landslide.

A brief word on “illegal votes.”  Google “Rudy Giuliani illegal votes 1989” and you’ll see that after Rudy Giuliani lost the New York City mayoral election against David Dinkins in 1989, he claimed it was illegal votes of blacks and Puerto Ricans that cost him the election.  It’s no coincidence we’re hearing the same thing today and Rudy’s lead counsel.  You lose an election, claim it was stolen.

We get what we deserve.  We have been sold a bullshit bill of goods.  Our leaders want us to think if something is missing in our lives, it’s the fault of another American.  We have been fed that for decades—although it’s gotten much worse over the last 12 years.  Republicans and Democrats have told us that we don’t have enough money in our pocket because other Americans are stealing it.  Because we believe them, we are angry at each other.

There is truth to that.  Other Americans are taking money out of our pockets; it’s not the other Americans politicians are pitting us against.  It’s politicians, it’s media, it’s social media, it’s corporations.

Look at it strictly economically: your time has a certain value.  Elon Musk’s time has more value than mine, but my time still has a certain value. Each hour I work or create something of value, it equates to a dollar value; let’s call that value $100.00 per hour.  Each hour I choose to scroll on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, I lose the opportunity to create $100.00 of value.  Each hour I choose to watch television, I lose $100.00.  Each hour I choose to watch Fox News or MSNBC or CNN I lose $100.00.  Each hour I choose to purchase shit I don’t need on Amazon, I lose $100.00 and the money I spent on Amazon.

So yes, other Americans are costing you money, but the people pitting us against each other are playing the classic shell game—misdirecting us while stealing our money.  We give the media, politicians, and corporations trillions of dollars for our attention.  Attention that could be better spent and earning money by creating value.  Then the Sean Hannitys of our world misdirect our anger at not having more money at other people in our tax bracket who have their anger misdirected back by Rachel Maddow.  Ask yourself why Sean Hannity makes eight figures a year?  Does Sean Hannity provide $20 million in value to our Republic by demonizing other Americans?  Sean and Rachel can afford to shop at stores we don’t know exist and we’re at each other’s throats for scraps.

Ask yourself why politicians routinely spend millions of dollars for positions that earn $200,000 a year.

All Americans want the same thing: better lives.  We want safe places to live, we want to raise families, give them good schools and opportunities to succeed.  The Chicago democrat ultimately wants the same thing as the Oklahoma republican.  We may have different ways of making America Great, but that is what we all want.

So when media, political and corporate giants tell us that it’s the Oklahoma republican or Chicago democrat that is keeping you back, call them out.  Call them out by not giving that media, political or corporate giant your attention (money).  Anyone who pits one American against another must be called out.

Donald Trump has done that for too long.  Yesterday’s attack on the Capital was the result of his attacks on Americans he disagrees with.  His ego won’t allow him to be wrong.  His ego won’t allow him to lose.  We know that by the way he has treated members of his Administration.   Look at Rex Tillerson, his first Secretary of State.  One day Trump calls him “one of the truly great business leaders of the world.”  The next day Tillerson’s “dumb as a rock and totally ill prepared and ill equipped to be Secretary of State, made up a story (he got fired) that I was out-prepared by Vladimir Putin at a meeting in Hamburg, Germany. I don’t think Putin would agree. Look how the U.S. is doing!”

Our democracy has been tested and our leaders have failed us miserably, leading to an attack on the Capital.  Perhaps we ask ourselves again today: what do we want?  Do we want more demonizing other Americans?  Do we want the true enemies of America abroad rejoicing at the spectacle of Americans replacing American flags with Trump flags at our nation’s capital?

I hope yesterday was rock bottom and we’re at our reckoning.  Some Americans will always think this election was stolen from Donald Trump.  But the First Amendment’s “marketplace of ideas” works when truth drowns out the fringe.  The marketplace of ideas works when we look at facts as facts rather than alternative facts or fake news.  Finally, some Republicans stood up yesterday—it took an insurrection—and said what they should have said weeks ago: Donald Trump lost the election.  Many politicians weren’t saying it because they didn’t want to upset the Trump voter.  That’s the leadership we have put in place: more willing to placate than lead (on both sides).  Our leaders tell us what we want to hear rather than the truth.  They mirror us.  We get what we deserve.

Occam’s Razor says that given multiple explanations for an event it is usually the simplest one that is correct.  The simple explanation that carries the day is that Donald Trump lost Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia and Michigan.  There was no widespread fraud.  How did Republicans GAIN seats in the House if there was widespread fraud?  These are some pretty shitty fraudsters that lost democrat seats in the House and had to rely upon a toss-up runoff in Georgia to tie the Senate.

Did yesterday’s insurrection against the United States Capital sober us up?  Will we agree to climb out of this mess that WE (Democrats and Republicans) created?  Like the man who earned a shit ton of money that is frivolously spent by his heirs after his death, will we wake up before we descend further and spend more American capital?  Haven’t we destroyed enough of what our Greatest Generation created for us?  Is this what our Greatest Generation fought for?  Armies of a President with a fragile ego that can’t accept losing—even on something as inconsequential as inauguration crowd size—assaulting and attempting to overrun our democracy?

This is why our soldiers die for freedom overseas?

We get what we deserve.

I hope we deserve better.

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  • 1. I don't necessarily agree with your opportunity cost argument. For instance, Channel 7 had that one of the persons arrested was` Bradley Rukstales, the CEO of a Schaumberg company, who lives in Inverness (which is certainly not Uptown). Apparently, the opportunity cost didn't deter him, although being suspended by the company afterwards might cost him in the pocketbook. Similarly I used to belong to a park district fitness center which had 12 TVs, 9 of them on a "news channel," and I could ride the bike while watching that garbage. I changed fitness centers for other reasons, but the new one only shows sports networks.

    2. You, of all people, should know that this is based on racism, not economics, based on widely spread comments that the fascists are antifa and BLM, not the fascists who stormed the Capitol. There are still clowns like Ted Cruz and Hawley who still feed off that.The person who threw the brick at the cafe in Oak Park wasn't concerned whether the Black female owner was profitable, but didn't want n---s on the ballot.

    3. One thing the COVID response laws have proven is that the neocon view that hard work leads to success is no longer valid, from that the government can appropriate trillions of stimulus/relief with little consequence, to that those of us with money in stocks can clean up in a crisis due to easy money policies. However, those working at Mickey D's aren't cleaning up that much.

  • Speaking of your thesis, today's Wizard of Id.

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