Not Failing: Donald Trump’s grade after 100 days

Not Failing: Donald Trump’s grade after 100 days
Donald Trump's tweet-- which is it?

Donald Trump is President of the United States.  Over the last 100 days, I have often said that sentence in disbelief.  He likely says the same thing to himself, from time to time, in disbelief.

It has been 100 days since Donald Trump has taken office and my only wish is not that Hillary Clinton was president—SHE lost that race—but that he would start acting like he’s the President of the United States.

I voted for Hillary Clinton.  I wasn’t happy with that vote, but the alternative, Donald Trump, was a less than ideal choice so I voted for Clinton.

But now that Donald Trump is President of the United States (I keep having to say that), I want him to do well.  I’m not rooting against him; I want to see our nation doing better today than 100 days ago.

But he still needs to act like he’s the President of the United States—a hurdle likely too high for Donald Trump.  His constant attempts to delegitimize the media that doesn’t agree with him is not the way to do that.  The constant drumbeat against the media, makes him look weak and less Presidential.  I get why he’s doing it.  The majority of the media is clearly out to paint him as someone unfit to be in office.  I get twice daily email blasts from the magazine Vanity Fair, which unflatteringly mentions Donald Trump 95% of the time.  And don’t get me started on the New Yorker (today’s web headline is “How Trump could get Fired”).

So when Donald Trump says he is not being treated fairly by the media—he’s right.

However, Donald Trump is to blame for much of it.   He is the whiney, entitled kid who will leave the schoolyard game with his ball if he doesn’t get his way.   On the other side, you have a bunch of whiney, entitled liberal elite media members who are calling out the brat who left with the ball.  So we are left with this symbiotic relationship where Trump needs to rail against CNN to feed red meat to his base and CNN needs to report on Trump to keep its ratings up.

All this is going on while nothing gets done.

The biggest accomplishment of his first 100 days is not an accomplishment.  The nomination and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is not a victory caused by Donald Trump.   That’s like giving Trump credit for the sun rising 100 times since he was elected.   Donald Trump doesn’t deserve credit for Gorsuch. Trump nominated some guy—who was qualified—and the Senate changed its rules for the worse and confirmed him.  If anything the process will make the Supreme Court—already too political— more political in the future.  Now rather than having the parties work together to get someone on the court, if one party controls the Senate and the White House, the party can get an ideologue on the bench.  That doesn’t help us; that doesn’t help America.  That just makes our nation even less civil in the years and decades to come.

Trump’s unending bluster damages his credibility.  Roughly six weeks ago, the Administration related that laptops and other electronic items were to be given greater scrutiny as carry-ons from particular airports on the other side of the world.  Normally, when I hear that an Administration has taken some sort of air travel precaution, I assume there is a valid reason or it.  With President Trump, I have little confidence that the precaution is necessary or valid.  Half—if not more—of the things that come out of his mouth are untrue.  We can start with the size of his inauguration.  First, who really cares?  But more importantly, if you use “alternate facts” (lies) to make a point on something truly insignificant, then won’t you lie to me on the significant issues?  Another, more recent example: the accomplishments of the first 100 days.  If 100 days is an arbitrary number that doesn’t really mean anything, as Donald Trump asserts, than why argue that your administration has gotten so much done in the last 100 days than any other administration ever?!  Which is it?  Does it matter?  Does it not matter?  If you wait a few minutes, hours, weeks or months, Donald Trump will take his own opposite position.

It’s one thing to change a position after being informed of facts that cause one to change position.   It’s another thing when Donald Trump’s ego drives him to do so.

Because of this, his grade for the first 100 days has to be below average.  I’m not certain it’s failing—as the majority of the media does him no favors—but his grade is certainly not average. Donald Trump gets a D.   He did appropriately bomb Syria after its use of chemical weapons and it appears he has taken a more measured approach with North Korea (we’ll see Trump’s reactions to events as they unfold).  However, he has a Republican Senate and House and has gotten no major legislation signed (a win for Democrats).  He uses Executive Orders to govern—which was dictatorial when Barack Obama did it but now applauded by the right.  He is ultimately his own worst enemy.  He has not led his party in the replacement of Obamacare—rather than attempting to bully members of his party into submission.  If he could treat the world’s most important office less like a reality show and more like the world’s most important office, maybe he would get the respect that the office deserves.  But the continued lies about things that only have consequence to his ego, just denigrates the office and his message.

Hopefully, that will stop happening.   Can a zebra change his stripes? We’ve asked whether Donald Trump can change over the last two years and we still have the same man.

Now that man is the president.

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  • The only thing on which I'll reply is on the Executive Orders.The two that purportedly invoked his own authority (immigration bans) were ruled unconstitutional by every judge that got to the merits. The rest were to "study" something. Nothing wrong in studying something, but we'll have to see what the results are.

    But that basically gets to cabinet appointments. Apparently following Bannon's advice, he appointed several cabinet secretaries who seem there only to destroy the departments (EPA being the most obvious). We'll also get to see the experiment of running half the country with acting district attorneys, a result of Sessons being piqued that Reno fired him. I wonder if the Senate will go nuclear to confirm them over say, Schumer's and Durbin's objections. If Republicans can have holds, so can Democrats.

    And in something that extended over100 days, there supposedly is a bipartisan (hard to believe) budget bill for the rest of the fiscal year with none of his priorities. Anyone want to give odds that he'll really veto it and shut down the government?

  • A D seems way too generous to me.

    Everyone loves to hate the media, liberals and conservatives. I say, yay for the media, liberal and conservative.

  • The media, like politicians, is a necessary evil. Many of us-- liberals included-- get our news from one source and then claim to have opinions that are tested against the opposite viewpoint. Then we dig our heels in.

    I suppose the media is doing its job, we as citizens aren't doing ours. The problem is we don't have the time to digest news/opinions from different sources and then come to our own conclusions. Just too much going on in day to day life.

    Thanks for commenting-- both of you!

  • In reply to Brian C. Thomas:

    How is the media an evil?

  • That's easy! The media disseminates the truth which politicians of all stripes fear the most!

  • You like a lot of trump followers with their heads in the sand, will continue to overlook what is obvious to everyone. He will NEVER change, what you see is what you will always get.
    When you finally realize this the best it will ever be, hope you write another blog.

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