Donald Trump is my President. Being an American demands we respect the office of the President

Donald Trump is my President.  Being an American demands we respect the office of the President
President-elect Donald Trump

Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. 

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. 

I woke up yesterday in a sort of bizarro world where down was up and up was down.  Donald Trump really won the presidency of the United States?  Really? 

Yes. He did. 

And although Donald Trump was not the candidate I voted for, I will support him.  And so should you. 

America comes before party.  America comes before politics.  I respect the office of the President of the United States of America and as such, I will support Donald Trump. 

As Steven Douglas said when he conceded in 1860 to Abraham Lincoln: “Partisan feeling must yield to patriotism. I’m with you Mr. President, and God bless you.”

I want our country to succeed; I don’t want this country to fail.  Rooting against Donald Trump—now that he’s president—would be like rooting against the country.  I’m not going to do it. 

Trust me, there is a large part of me that wants to drop my pants and flip the double bird to the much of the national Republican Party and the people who voted for Donald Trump (I’m not certain why dropping my pants is necessary—maybe for emphasis).   The conduct of that party and many of the people who voted for Donald Trump over the last eight years has been anything but respectful toward our outgoing president and the woman that was recently defeated. 

From Rush Limbaugh openly rooting against a Barack Obama as president, to Republicans—with Donald Trump out front—attempting to delegitimize his victory by claiming he was born overseas.  From people hanging Obama in effigy, to a Republican Congressman yelling “LIAR” during his State of the Union speech, the treatment of this president by the national Republican Party and many of the people that voted for Donald Trump has been deplorable.     

And that disrespect is completely hypocritical.  When people questioned President Bush during the Iraq War, it was unpatriotic to do so.  Whereas, over the last eight years, it was patriotic to hang the President in effigy. 

Some people find it un-American that Colin Kaepernick won’t respect the flag during the National Anthem, yet many of the same people have gone eight years openly disrespecting President Obama.  It is completely hypocritical. 

If the way people have treated President Obama is wrong, then my going into a Trump presidency yelling that he is not my president is wrong.  I am an American.  I respect the Constitution.  He is my President.   In general, I want him to succeed.  I want the economy to grow.  I want our nation to come together and unite.  I will practice what I’ve preached over the last eight years.  I will respect the office of the President of the United States of America.  Donald Trump is my President.    

And although the easy thing to do is to cross my arms and urge Democrats to become “The Party of No,” that doesn’t move this country forward. 

Now, the country should not move backward either.  Constitutional rights have been afforded to our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.  Women should have the right to choose what to do with their bodies without government interference; so there are social issues I will be interested in seeing how they play out.  I don’t really know Donald Trump—none of us really do as he has been pretty unspecific on policy—but I don’t view him as Ted Cruz socially.  I don’t think he really cares about a reexamination of marriage equality.  I think he pays lip service to being pro-life.  I don’t think he really cares about these issues (that doesn’t mean people in his Administration won’t care, however).   I think he is pro-business and wants to run the country like one.  We’ll see if it works; I hope it does, because Washington certainly is broken and electing Hillary Clinton would have been more of the same.      

But to those of us who were depressed yesterday because of the election results, it’s time to move on and turn the page.  You want to move the country forward?  Then get up and get to work on making your home a better home; making your children better people; making your block a better block; making your community a better place.   Barack Obama doesn’t control that.  Donald Trump doesn’t control that.  That is on us.  If we all do the heavy lifting to make our communities better, America gets better. 

Over the last eight years we have demanded that hope win.  We have demanded that love win. That doesn’t change.  We can’t become less tolerant because Donald Trump is President.  We can’t stop being hopeful for America.  We can’t stop loving our fellow Americas.  We can’t stop being who we have been the last eight years.   Then we truly have lost.   

Have integrity.  Support this president.  Keep being who we have been the last eight years.

And when the pendulum swings back in two, four, six or eight years (and it will swing back), politely remind those who immediately go into hate mode when their candidate doesn’t win that being a patriot, an American, demands they respect the office of the President of the United States.   

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  • We don't dishonor the presidency. He does.

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    In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Perfect! Exactly! Won't even honor the Emoluments clause! A*shat! :(

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    In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Just as the military salute the rank not the man we as Americans all need to learn to respect the office of the Presidency which by and large many of us including myself have failed to do... Well written article and fully agree

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    In reply to Aquinas wired:

    That's quite the ignorant statement. If you dishonor the president you dishonor the Presidency. Blaming someone else for your problems is a child's tactic.

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    In reply to Haf Gaemer:

    For Sure!

  • Since the president-elect and his supporters delegitimized the current President for 8 years, I don't feel any personal obligation now to turn the other cheek. Let them live with the results. For instance, I don't by his "let's bind the wounds" when he inflicted them.

    And, as for "no," Grassley seems to have won this round despite the odds, but that, in turn, doesn't mean that 49 members of the Sen. Dem. caucus have to roll over when the Senate is set up to need 60 votes on anything. No different than Madigan and Cullerton saying that Republicans have to support their bills when they already have a supermajority (but no more).

    The only thing I respect was that was the result of the election, and I am not going to exercise my Second Amendment rights in the way his supporters suggested.

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    In reply to jack:

    I have never in all my years seen a president do as much harm to this country as that poor excuse of an American Obama is. He is the true Manchurian Candidate. Not even our sworn enemies has done near as much damage as he's done. He took the Constituents and wiped his filthy ass with it. I can t believe you have the nerve to say that the bunch of COWARDS that call themselves Republicans did so much to stop him or impede his policies, which by the way were completely socialist in the extreme. Those Republicans are useless they did NOTHING because of they're fear of being called a racist. It's being rasict allowing someone to get away with all the bullshit Obama did because you fear being called prejudice. The hell with that nonsense. Obama was a rotten president. His open border policy has weakened and threaten the safety of every U.S citizen. Well at least this of us that don't have a security detail at our disposal 24 hours a day. Then there's the abismal foreign relations policy he implemented. Which was attack middle eastern countries to cause utter chaos and a refugee crisis unlike weve ever seen in human history, all due to Obama and secretary Clinton's foreign affairs policies. Obama did like evry good dog does when his master tells him to. He did what the Globalist, elitist, NWO world leaders told him to do exactly. The attack on Libya was completely uncalled for. There was no just reason for ousting, "murdering" Ghaddafi he had his country doing better than it had been in recent history. Women were allowed to work, to vote to drive to go to school etc. After the attack and once the smoked cleared Obama's regime put in place a maniac to run that country and now it's like it was thrown back a hundred years. Women are third class citizens. Sharia law is now the law if the land. I'm sure the Libyan people are oh so grateful to Obama and Clinton for freeing them from the evil clutches of Muammar. This is typical Globalist tactics to cause chaos to create a a refugee crisis. So these people infiltrate and overwhelm other countries so those countries are overburdened and chaos insues. Obama is Globalist pig and his ego won't allow him to just fade into oblivion. He is very dangerous but there so many fools out there that eat up everything he says because he seems cool, suave, well spoken etc. Then there's the disaster if our economy. When Obama took office there was 9trillion dollars of debt as he was leaving office it was 20/trillion. That is more debt accumulation then all previous president had combined!! From George Washington on... This was not due to something the previous president left him with. That amount of debt incurred was deliberate. He wanted America to be financially screwed, he wanted us to be a third world country. Every time he visited some country he was making us look weak by apologizing all the time for us. None of us ask him to do that shit!!!! When you add up all this shit together that he did you will see, that's if your honest that is, that Obama did his best to Socialize our government as possible. Which in turn will open the door for facism. Obama was worse than the 9/11 Attacks I said it and I mean it. He did more damage with his complete disregard for the Constitution and his weakening of the borders of eliminating our sovereignty of incurring an obscene amount of debt of attacking countries that had nothing to do with us, causing , with his insane Transgender bathroom policy. He was out first black president and did NOTHING, NOTHING for the black community. He did insult them by telling them if they didn't vote for Hillary Clinton for president he would take it as a personal disrespect to his legacy. What a fucking DISGUSTING human being. Our race relations since he took office has gone to hell. Sure there were problems but he never addressed them unless it was to blame the police when a black person shot, GE did this every time without getting any of the facts first. It turned out way more often than not, that police officers were justified. Im speaking here of his irresponsible act of blaming without getting all the facts first. There were so many things Obama did so much harm to this country he should be tried for high treason and convicted. To sit there a say you will do those things you said you would do because Trump supporters treated Obama horribly is an outright damn joke. Everyone was afraid to call a spade a spade they were scared shitless to say how horrible he was because they feared more than anything to be seen aa racist. I could care less what anyone would call me all I know is that Obama was the worst, most dangerous president we ever had in office. He caused complete chaos in our country. I still amazes me.till this day l, that during his term Chicago was experiencing heavy murder rates. Chicago has a serious gang and drug problem. THIS WAS Obama's home state, he was a Senator there he Never not once even mentioned anything about the crisis going on in Chicago NOT ONCE!!!!! These are damn near almost completely black on black murders, nothing from our piece O' shit president. I tell you he is a lap dog for the people that really run this world. The Globalist, elitist NWO. OBAMA IS THEIR puppet.

  • I respect the office. I don't respect the man who will occupy for the next four years. From my vantage point, the office of President of the United States is vacant and shall remain so for the duration!

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    In reply to HHH Is My Hero:

    Very good! Vacant Orange Entity! What ever it is! Sure as hell ain't human! No humanity exists in the being! :P

  • Thanks Brian. I have been making it a point to refer to the president-elect as our president. I resented those that would say Obama isn't their president and I won't follow suit. the British have a great phrase for those out of power, the Loyal Opposition. I plan on being just that for the next four years.

  • In reply to Kevin Kaufmann:

    I like that phrase: "The Loyal Opposition." Thanks for providing that piece of knowledge.

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    In reply to Brian C. Thomas:

    When Hitler was in office in Germany, following your logic, I guess everyone should've followed him. Unfortunately, Germany did and it lead to nearly destroying the entire world in the process. People shouldn't just follow a sociopath and respect him because of office. Respect is earned by being respectful of others differences and leading by example.

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    In reply to Tony Ortiz:

    Well until President Trump has committed mass genocide for no apparent reason and declared war on the world, I see no reason to disrespect the president of the United States. I think people need to grow up, there is always a "losing side" to an election. People always dealt with it. This election process has worked for the past 200 years, just because it produces an unsatisfactory result, doesn't mean you get to say he's not your president. Many, many presidents promise things that they NEVER EVER fulfill. Obama said he'd create a "contracts and influence" database. It never happened, never even started developing. Trump says he'll build a wall. It aint gonna happen. Presidents always say, oh ya I'll get rid of poverty and blah blah blah, well it's never happened. Presidents don't keep promises, they're only one person. Don't put imaginary power into Trump, he doesn't have that much power. Honestly, it's his cabinet that's the issue.
    And also, what good will come out of protesting against Trump? That's not how you impeach a president. He hasn't made any controversial laws or taken any formal action. SO what are these people even protesting against? The fact that they didn't get their way?

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    In reply to Claren Dai:


  • So all the rules of civility and tradition apply to everyone but Trump? He alone can spew anything that crosses his immature mind, spreading documented lies, disrespecting anyone he chooses whenever he chooses? He totally disrespected the current President for 8 years. Now I am supposed to show him the respect he refuses to show others? Get real. Trump changed all the rules. #NotMyPresident

  • You Sir can support this man, however you should not require others to do the same.
    I'm assuming you also supported him when he denigrated our present Commander- In Chief with every racist and hate-filled names imaginable.
    Does your new hire respect or support women, minorities, people living with disabilities, immigrant unless he's married to them, or anyone who is not 100% white not looking like him?
    Check back in 4 years to see how that respect and support thing worked for you.

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    In reply to E.F. Coleman:

    no one required you.

  • In theory Brian, you are correct. Trump is the prez and we should follow his lead. Unfortunately, his lead for many years has been to question the legitimacy of a sitting president. That disqualifies him from taking the high road where it pertains to the sanctity of the office to which he will soon ascend. He hasn't shown enough respect for the office or for the electorate to show us his tax returns. He will be forging international relationships with countries with whom his companies do business. He has shown little or no respect for the office of POTUS, I am feeling very hard pressed to show him any. As I have said in my posts, I will try, but it will be with a very cynical eye.

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    That took nerve (and maybe some good weed)...

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    I'm straight up American seems to always pledge allegiance to a country that don't pledge allegiance to me but that doesn't give me probable cause to disrespect the President of the United States, "people get over it! Donald Trump will be haunting you for 8 years my suggestion sit back relax get use to it.

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