“Don’t be a commie! Vote for Romney!”

“Don’t be a commie!  Vote for Romney!”

“Don’t be a commie/Vote for Romney” read the bumper sticker a lane over from me on southbound Lake Shore Drive Monday morning.

“I’m going to hit this [expletive deleted]” immediately flashed through my mind, as I cut into he SUV’s lane of traffic.

The plan forming in my head was to hit the gold Lexus GX, hard. I have insurance. Isn’t the purpose of insurance is so I can hit morons like this?

Then, before the exchange of information– so the driver was my captive– I would start my lecture. First, define communism. Second, please explain how the Obama Administration is communist. Third, are we now a communist country since nearly 70 million people voted for Obama in 2008?

Then, when the driver spouted off that we are no longer free, which we are forced to hear a lot from these imbeciles, I would direct the driver to google “Pussy Riot” on his/her smart phone and discuss his/her freedoms relative to those of the members of the Russian punk band.

The Lexus was two cars ahead– I had to change lanes and ease behind the driver, then I was going to George Michael his ass: “WHAM!”

As my plan came together, I was distracted as I ticked off my lecture points in my head when traffic slowed down to a stop. I slammed on my brakes with about two inches to spare on the unsuspecting Commie Obama voter in front of me (it was a Toyota Prius).

Then I tried to relax. But the damned bumper sticker irritated me.

On Saturday night, I found myself in good ole Elmhurst, celebrating my friends’ 40th birthday. As I sat with friends from high school, the discussion turned to politics. Although Danielle and I were voting for different people for president, there was more than just mutual respect for our decisions, there was something else that people don’t seem to do anymore: we listened to each other.

So I left Elmhurst Saturday night hopeful. I was hopeful that whatever happens in next week’s election, there would be more discussion rather than blind argument. Our country has some huge issues that must be resolved. But to find resolution on Medicare, for example, we will need to discuss and evaluate the best ideas, regardless of party, rather than sitting on our hands and doing nothing because we want our team– red vs. blue– to win. Since when aren’t we all on the same team?

But we can’t have that discussion by demonizing the opponent. You can’t call the other side commies, socialists, Hitler or worse, and then sit down with them and try to bang out a compromise. You can’t sit down and compromise with Hitler– Hitler has to be defeated.

And the mentality that a vote for Obama is a vote for communism is an unproductive starting point where no compromise can ever be reached.

And it’s factually incorrect and it makes you look stupid.

And it’s juvenile. What is this second grade? We have some big problems that need to be solved– acting like an eight year old is probably not the best way to work toward resolution.

And that’s why I ultimately changed lanes and privately stewed about the bumper sticker. Acting like a second grader, to get back at some other juvenile idiot, certainly isn’t the answer.

Plus, I didn’t want my insurance rates to go up.


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  • Wow, such a reaction to one person's opinions.

    Did you have the same reaction when Romney was accused of killing a woman by proxy and also with the Ryan clone pushing grandma over the cliff? Perhaps you called for restraint and reasonable discussion, but I missed it in these pages.

    That said, have you read Obama's autobiographies? They are not exactly what one would call exercises in development of free enterprise and laissez-faire.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Well said. And his autobiographies are nothing but lies.

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    In reply to Richard Davis:

    Looking at the courses taken by the President while in college and law school might help finally put to an end this silliness. If there were a bunch of courses on the study of economics which might indicate a desire to understand our economic system that would not be dispositive but might show an open mind on the subject. If there were several Constitutional Law courses (I understand that he taught Constitutional Law as an associate) that might indicate an interest in our system of laws. But if there were a lot of courses on Marx and Lenin and the like that might point in another direction, especially at that time when it was pretty settled that their economic system was a failure.

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    In reply to John Condon:

    as of tuesday no one has collected the 5mill. the Don has put out for the (kenyan-flash)obamas college records.

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    In reply to John Condon:

    And if I had wheels, my grandmother might have been a wagon. Perhaps if you'd taken a course or two in Logic, you'd have a clue.

    The President has done a phenomenal job on all major counts. Few among the many naysayers and haters could withstand a week, let alone a month or 3.5 years, of the pressures and stress he has been up against. It's so easy to complain and condemn, but none of you would make a proverbial pimple on his ass, if you were in his shoes.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Thanks Richard for commenting, my friend. I can set my watch to you and I appreciate that even though 99% of the time I disagree with you.

    btw: I didn't know you drove a gold Lexus GX!

  • In reply to Brian C. Thomas:

    No as of right now obamas just pushing socialism,why cant people see this?Their are very bright people in this country,why dont they get what he is doing? Communism will just come later.click the link below http://www.forbes.com/sites/markhendrickson/2012/07/26/president-obamas-marxist-leninist-economics-fact-and-fiction/

  • In reply to mickey761:

    I haven't read it yet-- but I will. I appreciate that you provided some evidence other than "didn't you read his books?" which just leaves us to pore over 600 pages trying to prove a negative.

  • What about these?
    If you served in Vietnamy, vote for Mitt Romney.
    If you hated Osama, vote for Obama.
    Show some wit, vote for Mitt.
    Be the Dalai Lama, vote for Obama.
    Obama’s a twit, vote for Mitt.
    If you think Mitt’s a crock, vote for Barrack.
    I've got too much time on my hands today.

  • In reply to James Kirk Wall:

    Well, except for the fact that Romney didn't serve in Vietnam.

    He got four deferments, the last one let him live in Paris as an LDS missionary.

  • In reply to nonsequiter:

    In fact, if you Google the subject, you can even find pictures of Mitt protesting the Vietnam protestors.

    It really is disgraceful.

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    In reply to nonsequiter:

    Darn free speech.

  • In reply to nonsequiter:

    He actually protested IN FAVOR of the war. Who would do that?

  • In reply to James Kirk Wall:

    Thanks JKW for the levity! I like them!

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    Obama is not a communist, he's a socialist pig. He said it himself, that he wants wealth redistribution. His whole voter base is mostly minorities, who vote for him so they get their Section 8, Obama phones, Link cards, free health care and other public aid.

    Wasn't there once a Democrat who said "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"?

    He must be rolling in is grave!

  • In reply to Michael Galovich:

    Hey, Mike. I've got news for you. If you don't like wealth redistribution, then why are you voting for the people who have been redistributing the wealth upwards for themselves every time they get elected?

    Honest to Pete, what in the world do you think tax cuts for the rich do?

    Oh, and, I know that the GOP likes to push this fantasy that minorities get the most welfare, but, actually white people do at 38%.

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    In reply to nonsequiter:

    which minorities are you referring to? Some silly states like Illinois count women as minorities in need of a hand up and then subsidize the crooks under that test.

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    In reply to nonsequiter:

    actually what mike said makes a lot more sense than your liberal dribble. Question: have you ever been employed by a poor person? or have you ever been employed? the (kenyan-flash)obama flunked econ. 101.

  • In reply to Michael Galovich:

    Most of the happiest nations in the world are socialist monarchies of one sort or another, including our neighbors to the north. It's actually a more caring approach to a society than the "I got mine" mentality that so many espouse in this country.

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    In reply to Michael Galovich:

    What he SAID, oh you of convenient recollection, is that those of us (including himself) who have gained (so much) more from this nation could afford to pitch in a bit more to get the debt reduced, etc.

    Unless you're one of the filthy rich, you've no reason to object to this. YOURS are the taxes he'd reduce. Romney, meanwhile, intends to give breaks to the filthy rich, and leave the rest of us (if you don't net $10M or more a year, you don't even show up on his radar) to pay the debt off -- even though it was racked up by lobbing bombs at foreign countries, NOT by food stamps, etc.

    Get a clue and a reality check. So fare, you're the only pig in the discussion, and a rather vapid-brained one at that.

  • In reply to Michael Galovich:

    Correct, Its easier to rhyme Commey with Romney .Socialist just doesnt have the same bite. And doesnt anyone ever read? If people would read Obama's first book. That say's all you need to know about the guy. I guess it's easier to be a lamb and be led by the one who gives you food. But as anyone with a brain knows , once you let people give you something they own you and when this economy crashes , that free government cheese will be the first to be cut.

  • Note the violence in the reply---typical of someone who supports statism. Did you ever wonder why people call the guy communist? Try asking people who grew up in that system---like my husband and his family members. They are independents but they sure know a commie when they see one! Try asking the editorial staff of a leading Czech newspaper who called him that immediately after the election. Taking over entire segments of the economy is called nationalization.

  • Ay yi yi! You can't even write a post about irrational anger without inciting irrational anger! I too am sick of this level of discourse. There can be no democracy when there is no respect for others' voices. Sorry, hyper-partisan, irrational people, what you want is something closer to tyranny, an insistence that there is one true way and stepping out of the lock-step march makes one the demonized, evil, and necessarily silenced other.

    Nice post Doubting Thomas!

  • In reply to Julie:

    Thank you Julie. I'm glad someone got it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • The only reason the GOP likes to call people "Commies" is that that particular label really resonates with its base of older people who still have a visceral reaction from the Red scare of the '50s.

    Dudes, I hate to break it to you, but there aren't any more Soviet-style Communists. That went away when the Berlin Wall fell in the 1980s. You can now find their relics for sale on Ebay. It's long dead and gone.

    The Red Chinese are no longer either. They are now excellent capitalists and y'all are really overlooking the obvious. As Mitt has years of experience in dealing with the Chinese through outsourcing all those American jobs, he's probably on a first name basis with half the government there already.

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    In reply to nonsequiter:

    non sequitur - you were doing so well there for a bit then just quit on yourself. Carry the logic forward and end it with: ergo socialism is a bust and Obama is so outdated.

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    In reply to nonsequiter:

    you need to change your tag to (me quitter) because your responses are sooooo lib. if you think the soviet union is playing dead you are about as sharp as the old (kenyan-flash)obama. and china is just waiting to call in their markers. get your head out of the gopher hole and smell the roses!

  • In reply to nonsequiter:

    Are you saying their are no more Communists in the world?I think the people being oppressed in countries like china,laos,north korea,cuba,vietnam etc. would have something different to say about that.

  • Hearing the opinions on this thread is why I love free speech in this country. They're all over the map. Viva America!

  • I find it ironic that a campaign that relies solely on bumper sticker politics as they have no deep seated ideas (i.e. bin Laden's dead but GM is alive or Bush lied - troops died) gets so hung up when it's thrown back at them. Yeah, Obama's not a Communist, but left to his own devices (such as a second term) his true socialistic ideas (as outlined in his own book) would become more prevalent. Such as fellow Democrat Maxine Waters oops moment when she almost suggested socializing the oil companies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3I-PVVowFY&list=FL9lJuRBjktDPY_TeM76IBSw&index=86&feature=plpp_video

    You think Obama wouldn't support such an idea given his spoken words about the "evil oil companies"?

  • i am so taken aback at the vitriole of the obama haters, his school records really?
    where were you and his records 4 years ago,if there were any discrepancies don't you think mccain and the other right-wingers would have uncovered them then?
    birth certifcate check
    now school records
    you haters are desperate and running (or driving) scared.
    you invariably vote against your own best interest.
    love this country more than you hate the president.

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    In reply to Ninnafaye:

    Here! Here! No other president has had to go through such indignities and inspections. That's because he's.... yep, BLACK, and some of you can't stomach the idea that a black man could be smarter, more successful, more CAPABLE of being president than you.

    Where were you dumb f***s when George W. was in office. THAT's an alleged education that deserved investigation.

    Typical of the GOP, they'll do ANYTHING, *say* ANYTHING, to "win", with zero real regard for our political system or even what's right.

    We put up with 8 years of GWB. Now you give us the rest of 8 years of Obama.

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    Comrade OBAMA is a communist because of all the help he has given communists from Latin America is their quest to takeover the United States.

    Allowing Latin America to virtually run immigration to the US should give a clue to the clueless.

    Allowing LATINO ONLY organizations to launder US taxpayer dollars meant to feed ALL poor Americans into LATINO ONLY projects like the DREAM Act for foreign criminals living illegally in the US.

    Allowing Latin Americans to "colonize" once American towns like Cicero through the help of other communists like Luis Guttierez.

    Teaching a LATINO ONLY agenda that portrays white Americans as evil to Illinois school children while totally ignoring the hate that Latin Americans have shown to US Americans over the years, like Mexican soldiers murdering American immigrants in Texas 1836.

  • In reply to GL Truscott:

    GL, factually you are wrong. If you want to look at deportation/immigration, the Obama Administration has actually deported more undocumented immigrants than the Bush Administration.

    Secondly, allowing undocumented children who have been brought here by their parents-- and know no other home than the US-- to stay here in the US in return for service in the military or going to college, doesn't sound like "communism" to me.

    Before you spew hate, google "communism" and at least fashion your arguments to the definition.

    You haven't proven Obama's a communist-- you've only proven you hate Latinos.

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    Republican Mitt Romney is a Draft Deferment Dodger, This Coward got 5 Draft Deferments during the Vietnam War, The Coward Refused to defend the Country in time of War.

  • In reply to vietnam veteran:

    Have you heard of snopes.com? http://www.snopes.com/politics/romney/vietnam.asp

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    Why do you think Obama hides his college work? I suspect his essays etc. would show us a full-fledged communist....

  • Theres a reason why we are called conservatives; we don't try to run people off of the road with different opinions than ours. Down with America if obamanation gets elected again. Tax the rich so they can send jobs overseas to make the poor (people without drive or ambition) rich? Right. So since I went to school for 12 years I should pay more taxes for my handwork and painful years of studying? Moreover for one to collect unemployment (paid for by our employers) instead of getting a job? Who needs college if the rich will pay everything... I encourage all of you idiots to go to college so you can make more money to pay for my laziness. Second grade education here we come? I can confidently say if the 1% paid more in taxes it would not equal $16 trillion... Keep hoping for more hope?

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    In reply to jayman789:

    No, you try to rig elections, use Impeachment the day after the PEOPLE re-elected Clinton, etc.

    The rich aren't sending jobs overseas because they're overtaxed. They're doing so because they're greedy, it's profitable, and they can.

    You're a dull tool if you think Romney's vision of tax breaks for the wealthy pertains to you in the least bit. Unless you NET at LEAST $10M a year, you don't even show up on his radar. Remember, he thinks the middle class is bringing home $20k a month.

    Gain some sensible perspective. What you're talking about is not Conservative, it's ignorance. An honest consideration of the FACTS will show that you've got Obama all wrong.

  • In reply to John Taylor:

    Let's see your facts. Here's an interesting fact from The Wall Street Journal "U.S. on Track to Hit Debt Limit by Year End."

  • Everyone (including the author) needs some definition of terms:

    What is communism? It is a form of *economy* (not government). It does not directly deal with freedoms, though the original instigators of communism felt that a totalitarian government was needed to put communism into effect. Communism might be best summed up in the following: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

    What is the opposite of communism? Easy: capitalism.

    So, what is the big remaining communistic state in the world: China. But are they really communistic, since they participate in the free market economy of the world?

    What is the biggest capitalistic economy: The United States. But are we really a capitalism when the state pays to help people's retirement, disability, and wellfare?

    So, economies are not a dichotomy, but a continuum. An economy can move towards communism or toward capitalism. But neither is truly tenable in reality.

    So, is Obama a communist? No, because such a thing is not truly possible. Is Romney a capitalist? Far from it. But here is the deal. From where we are, Obama, in particular and the democrats in general appears to want to move us on the continuum closer to communism. Romney in particular and the republicans in general want to move us closer on the continuum closer to capitalism.

    So, the bumper sticker: Inprecise. But remember that this continuum is an economic one, not a political one. It is not true not because of the freedoms we have or don't have. It is untrue because true communism is an ideal that can never be obtained.

  • In reply to RickB:

    RickB, a good explanation. I remember learning about communism back in Catholic school and the nun that taught the class stated that communism is the most perfect form of government in theory. However, in practice it cannot be. Because of human nature basically.
    I also love when people call Obama a communist in one breath, then say he is like Hitler in the next. You cannot follow both fascism and a communism at the same time, sorry.

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