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My Story From 32 Years Ago Part Three

This is the final post in a short series called My Story From 32 Years Ago. You can read part two, which was posted yesterday, here and part one, here. Knowing what happened to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford makes me feel sad and agitated – because what happened to her is similar to what happened to me... Read more »

My Story From 32 Years Ago - Part Two

This post is part two of three called My Story From 32 Years Ago. You can read part one, which was posted yesterday, here. I felt humiliated and angry. . I couldn’t believe this happened to me. How could he? Why did he? Was it my fault? Should I not have made out with him?... Read more »

My Story From 32 Years Ago - Part One

The party was roaring and the alcohol was flowing. I was 16 years old in the summer of 1986. Like many 16 year old girls, I was out on a Saturday night with friends, laughing, drinking underage and partying. A boy I’d just started to date was there. It was a perfect summer party. Until... Read more »

A Guide to Surviving Your Firstborn’s College Drop-off Day

You’ve survived that dreaded trip (or ten) to Bed, Bath and Beyond. You’ve stocked her with enough cough and cold medicine to cure a preschool. You’ve gotten all the financial aid papers out of the way. And now it’s time. It’s time to take your first born to college. College drop off is emotional, exciting,... Read more »

Four Great Resources to Learn More About the Practice of Gratitude

On this lovely Sunday morning we are giving you four wonderful reading opportunities. Listed below are two articles and two websites to start your week with an intention of gratitude. Grab your cup of coffee, grab your blanket and cozy up for some inspiration! 1. My new favorite website is filled with all things regarding... Read more »

Five Things I've Learned in the Five Years Since My Dad Died

It’s been five years since my Dad died. Some days, it feels like just yesterday he was here teasing me about my overprotective child rearing ways, and on other days? It seems like he’s been gone forever. I’ve learned so many things about myself and about life as a result of his death. I imagine... Read more »

Three Reasons a One Night Stand Was a Good Decision

While hook up culture is commonplace in 2017, it really wasn’t back in the early 1990s. While many of us shacked up and did the walk of shame on occasion, one night stands for single women dating pre-Sex and the City, weren’t widely accepted or talked about too much. I was a serial monogamist as I... Read more »

Are You an Innocent Victim of Dress Anxiety Disorder?

Dress Anxiety, commonly known as DA, is a serious condition affecting many high schoolers across the country. Your child may have DA if you have witnessed the following: A child completely satisfied with the dress you purchased a week ago suddenly becomes frantic because she ‘just doesn’t love it’ anymore. Unexpected mood swings from said... Read more »

Never say these 3 things when parents share where their child is going to college

Today is a big day for many high school seniors across the country. The deadline to commit to most colleges is today, May 1st. My daughter’s high school unofficially hosts ‘college t-shirt day’ where students attending college wear tees from the school of their choice. It’s a big day for them as their high school... Read more »

Three Reasons Why I am Loving 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is one of the newest TV shows to binge watch as of late. The Netflix original, based on the YA (young adult) novel by Jay Asher, is about high school junior Hannah Baker who takes her own life. Two weeks after Hannah’s death, classmate Clay Jensen receives cassette tapes, recorded by Hannah,... Read more »