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Parents of Teens, Are Your Kids Playing Fortnite?

My son isn’t a gamer. His social activities center around a group of lifelong friends, baseball and basketball. While he has always spent time (sometimes too much) on video gaming, especially NBA 2K, I’ve never seen him enjoy himself more online than when playing Fortnite. Fortnite is a survival action video game where, according to Common Sense... Read more »

Among the Wildflowers: A mom's reflection on taking her daughter to college

The dining room is filled with brown packing boxes, Ikea bags, plastic storage bins and an unidentified number of Command Strips. There’s a life size duffle bag sitting next to the door. The dog seems a bit out of sorts knowing something is up. We are taking our first born to college today and my feelings... Read more »

If I Read One More 'College Dorm Essential Checklist' I May Lose My Mind

I like to believe I am a responsible person. Somewhat organized, especially for the big things in my family life like graduation parties, vacation preparation and managing a household on the regular. I chose to approach a big family event – my firstborn leaving for college – with the same organization I planned my wedding... Read more »

Empty Nest: A Preview

It’s been an interesting 24 hours. Hubs and I got a glimpse at life as empty nesters. We didn’t plan it, even though our calendars knew it was coming. We were suddenly alone in our house from 5:30 am Thursday until 11 am Friday. It was fabulous. Since Boy is out of town for baseball... Read more »

High School Graduation: A Mom's Reflection

Why is the alarm going off? What day is it? Where am I? I’m startled out of my heavy sleep and realize: today my Girl graduates from high school. “That’s what today is,” I whisper into the morning air. Heavy, heavy sigh. And out of nowhere, the memory reel flickers on more clearly than I thought... Read more »

A Migraine and a Moment on a Monday

Productivity was my intention for Monday. After a fun filled, sports filled, busy weekend, I had to buckle down Monday and just get stuff done. I headed into the week with some great music and some joyful discipline. Halfway into my second load of laundry, paying bills and compiling my long list of to-dos, my... Read more »

Parents of High School Juniors-It Gets Better

  Heavy course loads. A social life. Sports, service and activities. Parent demands, teacher demands, peer demands.  It’s enough to make any teenager stressed out, overwhelmed and more cranky than normal. And how about you sweet High School Junior parent? You feel it right? I know I did. Actually, I am breaking out just now... Read more »

Proud to be a B- Mom

I may be a B- mom. And after 17+ years of parenting, I’m ok with the B-. I came to this revelation a few days ago when I stood impatiently in a Starbucks line, waiting for my Venti dark roast with room for cream. I overheard two moms of fourth graders (the line was long... Read more »

How I Learned to Stop Controlling My Kiddos

Last summer, my senior daughter informed me of her decision to NOT run cross country this year, a sport she’s run since fifth grade. My first reaction (in my head, thank the stars!) was “WHAT? COME ON! THAT IS SO CRAZY!  IT’S SENIOR YEAR. WHY??? HOW WILL THIS LOOK ON THE COLLEGE APPLICATIONS?” My real... Read more »

2016: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Another year gone by. The passing of time always confounds me. Every year I ask myself the most obvious questions like how can I have two teenagers, how can I be 47, have we really had our dog eight years and where does the time go? Or the one that usually blows me away when... Read more »