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The smart phone detox one year later

Last year at this time, Jessica Gardner of Little Merry Sunshine wrote a blog post about taking a smartphone detox. The seven day cleanse originally posted by Popsugar, is the one Jessica, Beth (writer of Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom,) Megan (writer of Stable Mable) and I followed. While the original detox provided detailed and insightful... Read more »

Farewell, Nina: A Eulogy to Me in Order to Remind Me How to Live

I wrote my own eulogy and I realize I’m not quite living the life I want to live. I’m not sick, or worried about getting sick or dying. I was inspired by a woman in Florida who wrote her own obituary while she was in hospice care.  I love her brave ability to write about... Read more »

Want to change your day? Set an intention.

Setting an intention every day when I wake up starts my morning from such a positive place, I swear the coffee tastes better.  Even though I wake up with the intention to set my intention sometimes I fall flat.  The intention to set an intention? Ha! Only me, right? No, I think most of us... Read more »