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Parents of Teens, Are Your Kids Playing Fortnite?

My son isn’t a gamer. His social activities center around a group of lifelong friends, baseball and basketball. While he has always spent time (sometimes too much) on video gaming, especially NBA 2K, I’ve never seen him enjoy himself more online than when playing Fortnite. Fortnite is a survival action video game where, according to Common Sense... Read more »

Parents of High School Juniors-It Gets Better

  Heavy course loads. A social life. Sports, service and activities. Parent demands, teacher demands, peer demands.  It’s enough to make any teenager stressed out, overwhelmed and more cranky than normal. And how about you sweet High School Junior parent? You feel it right? I know I did. Actually, I am breaking out just now... Read more »

I'm letting FEAR win

Fear is finally winning. In my mind. In my little family. In my little world. I like to say yes as often as possible to my teens when they ask to go places and do things with their friends. While there are more yeses than nos, it seems the Nos get more airtime in Teenager-ville.... Read more »

Remembering 1985

Three years ago I wrote an “I Remember” post about 1982 as an exercise to empathize with my then 12 year old daughter embarking on adolescence.  Today, she’s embarking on the summer she will turn 16. And I’m remembering, with a wince and a smile.. I remember 1985 so clearly, despite the copious amounts of... Read more »

My Teenager Isn't Driving Yet, but Her Friends Are...

My daughter’s friends are driving and a new row of gray hair has suddenly appeared on my head. I thought we were safe until July, until my daughter’s 16th birthday; that bittersweet day when we go to the DMV and she smiles pretty and gets a license to freedom and we post the pic to... Read more »