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To Thank or Not to Thank

Written by: Ramaa Krishnan I have had a difficult relationship with Gratitude and saying Thank you in general. For starters, growing up in India, there was no expression like that in my mother tongue. I did not hear it at home or between friends of the family. It is not like we did not give... Read more »

Need to chill out? Head to Chill Meditation in Chicago

Walking into Chill Meditation studio in Chicago is like stepping into an oasis of minimalistic calm. The open, chic space is welcoming and warm. Chill is a “modern wellness concept” studio located in the heart of River North. The modern wellness concept in meditation and massage, according to Chill is incense-free meditation. no-need-to-get-naked massage. thoughtfully curated retail.... Read more »

I stopped writing in my gratitude journal and this happened

I love writing in a gratitude journal. Something about acknowledging all I am thankful for keeps my spirits up and as the saying goes “turns what I have into enough!”  For years, I’ve been happily habitual with my journal. Sometimes ten grateful nuggets flow out onto the pages, some days, I write only a blurb.... Read more »

Five Ways Meditation Changed My Life

I began my meditation practice nearly three years ago by taking a weekly class at a truly wonderful studio. Since then, I vary my practice with classes, home meditation and online courses. All of it works for me, whether I meditate for 30 minutes or two minutes, meditation works. How does it work? What does... Read more »

Want to change your day? Set an intention.

Setting an intention every day when I wake up starts my morning from such a positive place, I swear the coffee tastes better.  Even though I wake up with the intention to set my intention sometimes I fall flat.  The intention to set an intention? Ha! Only me, right? No, I think most of us... Read more »

Even if you meditate, yes you can say the F word

It’s been happening a lot lately. From anyone who dares to ask. Sometimes the questions are truly curious and other times they’re said with  a passive aggressive snark. Since talking more and more with friends and family about the benefits I’ve seen from meditating, the comments keep coming: ‘Do you still get angry?’ ‘Are you... Read more »