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Finding Gratitude in Grief - Part One

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly six weeks since my sweet mom passed away. Some days, the Grief, the ugly, messy, petrifying Grief, pulls the rug from under me and leaves me breathless on the floor of my closet. Yes, my 48 year old self finds comfort on the floor of my closet, crying.... Read more »

Thanksgiving cards say much more than Happy Thanksgiving

This blog series, #30DaysofGratitude, hopes to share bits of gratitude and create an awareness of how gratitude can change our mindset. Every day this month, I, along with other writers, teachers and friends, will post about all things gratitude. Come along for the ride and let me know what you are most grateful for every day –... Read more »

Three Ways to Find Mindfulness Today

Orlando. The night club shooting in Orlando this weekend once again brings our country to tears and brings out compassion and hatred simultaneously. Wherever you stand on gun control and whomever you choose to vote for this year, can we all agree that we want to be safe? We want to love and live in... Read more »

Can't stop. Won't stop...the gratitude

Today is the last post in the series #30daysofgratitude. My goal 30 days ago was to share the musings of my gratitude journal and the benefits I see from this daily gratitude practice. I’ve shared and overshared. The benefits of sharing my gratitude in addition to the journal writing are indescribable. It must be something... Read more »

Think about, thank about, bring about

What we think about, we bring about. Our experiences are reflections of our thoughts whether they are good, bad or mediocre. So why not practice thinking good thoughts; thinking from a place of gratitude? Here’s another quote for you “What we appreciate, appreciates.” Oh, I love this one. The more we appreciate the world around... Read more »

Flexibility allows for some changes in tradition

Every Saturday after Thanksgiving begins with anticipation and a teeny bit of angst. For the past 18 years, Hubs and I decorate our Christmas tree and the rest of the Neen household. We’ve had help from the kiddos since my 16 year old was two – I will say, the process is smoother now than... Read more »

Do you have women of wisdom in your life?

Sitting on a bench in the middle of the quad at my alma mater some 25 years ago, I complained to my friend about another friend who had not been there for me when I needed her. She said “Neen, you have different friends for different reasons. Not everyone can be everything you need.” Hmm.... Read more »

Gratitude - A list - week three

Three weeks into #30daysofgratitude and I am speechless at how good I feel. By now you know I’ve had a gratitude practice for a bit. It sure isn’t perfect, but it works for me. Life is better when I live with an attitude of gratitude. But the sharing of the gratitude? I had no idea... Read more »

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

It’s Blogapalooza here at ChicagoNow. It falls during my #30daysofgratitude series. Guess what? I’m grateful for Blogapalooza and the fabulous support of the ChicagoNow community. Blogapalooza is a monthly writing challenge – we are given a topic and have one hour to write and publish a post. Here’s the challenge tonight: “Share your favorite quote (or quotes)... Read more »

Eleven great websites to inspire you

A few years ago, I semi-intentionally stopped watching the news at night, preferring to read my news online, picking and choosing the sites and stories I needed to read in order to keep up with the world. I did the same with a lot of websites and tv shows I visited. I realized I was... Read more »