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Among the Wildflowers: A mom's reflection on taking her daughter to college

The dining room is filled with brown packing boxes, Ikea bags, plastic storage bins and an unidentified number of Command Strips. There’s a life size duffle bag sitting next to the door. The dog seems a bit out of sorts knowing something is up. We are taking our first born to college today and my feelings... Read more »

Need to chill out? Head to Chill Meditation in Chicago

Walking into Chill Meditation studio in Chicago is like stepping into an oasis of minimalistic calm. The open, chic space is welcoming and warm. Chill is a “modern wellness concept” studio located in the heart of River North. The modern wellness concept in meditation and massage, according to Chill is incense-free meditation. no-need-to-get-naked massage. thoughtfully curated retail.... Read more »