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A Migraine and a Moment on a Monday

Productivity was my intention for Monday. After a fun filled, sports filled, busy weekend, I had to buckle down Monday and just get stuff done. I headed into the week with some great music and some joyful discipline. Halfway into my second load of laundry, paying bills and compiling my long list of to-dos, my... Read more »

Are You an Innocent Victim of Dress Anxiety Disorder?

Dress Anxiety, commonly known as DA, is a serious condition affecting many high schoolers across the country. Your child may have DA if you have witnessed the following: A child completely satisfied with the dress you purchased a week ago suddenly becomes frantic because she ‘just doesn’t love it’ anymore. Unexpected mood swings from said... Read more »

Never say these 3 things when parents share where their child is going to college

Today is a big day for many high school seniors across the country. The deadline to commit to most colleges is today, May 1st. My daughter’s high school unofficially hosts ‘college t-shirt day’ where students attending college wear tees from the school of their choice. It’s a big day for them as their high school... Read more »