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Quotes About Love on Valentine's Day

"I hold this to be the highest task for a bond between two people: that each protects the solitude of the other."  Rainer Maria Rilke
Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies. I thought today, on this lovely day of love (is that a Hallmark quote?) I would share some of my favorite quotes about love. Maybe you can use one in the card you bought for your sweetheart or simply even copy, paste and send a text. Do you have a favorite... Read more »

Do You Share Everything With Your Spouse?

While marriage is a union between two people agreeing to share their lives with one another, does that mean we need to share everything? And what is everything, anyway? Emotional intimacy, the kind we all crave in our marriages involves being vulnerable and open with one another. When we agree to share a life, we... Read more »

Proud to be a B- Mom

I may be a B- mom. And after 17+ years of parenting, I’m ok with the B-. I came to this revelation a few days ago when I stood impatiently in a Starbucks line, waiting for my Venti dark roast with room for cream. I overheard two moms of fourth graders (the line was long... Read more »

How I Learned to Stop Controlling My Kiddos

Last summer, my senior daughter informed me of her decision to NOT run cross country this year, a sport she’s run since fifth grade. My first reaction (in my head, thank the stars!) was “WHAT? COME ON! THAT IS SO CRAZY!  IT’S SENIOR YEAR. WHY??? HOW WILL THIS LOOK ON THE COLLEGE APPLICATIONS?” My real... Read more »