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My Husband is the Star on Father's Day

While I am missing my sweet Dad this Father’s Day and every day, I am pretty darn excited to celebrate the most amazing Dad – my husband. This guy, this guy, this guy. Allow me to get a bit mushy here; perhaps a bit nauseating, in fact. When I see the word father and think... Read more »

Three Ways to Find Mindfulness Today

Orlando. The night club shooting in Orlando this weekend once again brings our country to tears and brings out compassion and hatred simultaneously. Wherever you stand on gun control and whomever you choose to vote for this year, can we all agree that we want to be safe? We want to love and live in... Read more »

Five Conversations With My Soon to be High School Freshman

My son graduated from 8th grade last week and it was a big deal. Not gonna lie. I cried. Sigh. Marking the transition from kidville to high school-land is important. Once he gets to high school, it’s like a cannon being shot and life with him will no longer consist of long days and short... Read more »