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Call Me: Why I Still Like Talking on the Phone

I still enjoy a good phone call every now and then. WAIT. Before you give me five or fifty reasons why you hate the phone and prefer to text, I get it. Texting is usually my preferred form of communication. It’s quick, efficient and it’s just life in the 21st century. My blogging friend Mysteries... Read more »

Sometimes, I don't like my teenagers

I love my teenagers. I am grateful for eye rolls and smelly socks and messy rooms. The island of the empty nest is sadly closer on the horizon than I’d like it to be, so I cherish all the good and all the bad. They are my life and I adore them, the good the... Read more »

Mixing perfection with reality-Listen to Your Mother is reality now

Listen to Your Mother (LTYM) can only be described, for me, as perfection. I came home at the end of a blessed ten hour day carrying two bouquets of flowers, a swag bag, a tote bag filled with makeup and hair products, my high heeled shoes and a bottle of wine. More significantly, though, I... Read more »