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Finding Beauty in the Breakdown

It’s Blogapalooza tonight at ChicagoNow! Bloggers are given the challenge to write a blog post in one hour. The topic given to us tonight is “Write about something you find beautiful that you feel others may not understand.” Hmm. Here is my take…. Since I’ve heard the phrase “There’s beauty in the breakdown,” I’ve loved it.... Read more »

On Missing Toddler Hugs

Oh how I miss holding a baby. A toddler, a small child. Those days are so long gone for me. I remember rocking my babies to sleep during nap time, loving their sweet hands on my shoulder while simultaneously longing for the sound of steady breath and the sucking of the pacifier so I could... Read more »

A letter to the homeless man on the corner

Hi sir. We met but for a quick moment on the street corner last night. I saw you there a few days ago too, and teared up at your downcast eyes, your dirty clothes and the words you mumbled but I couldn’t hear. I’ve seen so many men and women like you during my five... Read more »

Why Listen to Your Mother is My New Tribe

If the phrase “Your vibe attracts your tribe” is true, then my vibe lately has been one of authenticity, hope, joy and just all around bad ass and cool. I say this because on Saturday, I met fellow cast members of the 2016 Listen To Your Mother (LTYM) show. And let me tell you – these... Read more »

"Listen To Your Mother" = Abundance and Gratitude

The mission of each LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER production is to take the audience on a well-crafted journey that celebrates and validates mothering through giving voice to motherhood–in all of its complexity, diversity, and humor–in the form of original readings performed live on-stage by their authors. ~ Listen To Your Mother website Four years ago,... Read more »