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Top five blog posts of 2015

It’s been a great year this 2015. I am partial to odd numbers, my favorite number is five and since 1985, the years ending in five have been pretty special. With that in mind, I’m looking back and posting my top FIVE blog posts from this year. 1. How a tradition born out of sadness... Read more »

The choice to write

It’s Blogazpalooza hour at ChicagoNow. All bloggers are given a challenge: publish a post in one hour! The challenge to write about tonight is: “You made a million choices in 2015. Write about one of them.” My father’s favorite mantra was “Choices, Nina. Life is all about choices.” We make hundreds of choices every day: oatmeal... Read more »

Gift ideas for the girls in your life

I love paper. I love to do lists. I love notes. Kate Spade New York notepad set for your list maker. $16 at Amazon.
Need some great gift ideas for the girls in your life?  I buy for others what I love to buy for myself. In fact, if anyone reading would like to get any of these for me…. HINT, HUBS! If you’re not sure what to buy your sister in law, favorite niece or need some stocking... Read more »

I'm letting FEAR win

Fear is finally winning. In my mind. In my little family. In my little world. I like to say yes as often as possible to my teens when they ask to go places and do things with their friends. While there are more yeses than nos, it seems the Nos get more airtime in Teenager-ville.... Read more »