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How to find gratitude when life gets tough

When life throws us serious lemons, it can be tough to make lemonade. It feels impossible some days. You lose a job, you lose your partner, you struggle financially. Someone recently asked me ‘how am I supposed to be grateful when my best friend gets cancer?’ I don’t have all the answers. Life can seriously... Read more »

Three more ways to cultivate gratitude

Are you bored writing in your gratitude journal? Are you too busy to write in the morning or too tired at night? Or did you have a crappy day and all you really want to do is hover in some self-pity and a pint of ice cream? If you answered yes to any or all... Read more »

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

It’s Blogapalooza here at ChicagoNow. It falls during my #30daysofgratitude series. Guess what? I’m grateful for Blogapalooza and the fabulous support of the ChicagoNow community. Blogapalooza is a monthly writing challenge – we are given a topic and have one hour to write and publish a post. Here’s the challenge tonight: “Share your favorite quote (or quotes)... Read more »

I'm humbled by my husband's devotion

A guy walks in to the grocery store on his way to work… No punchline. This is my life. I had no coffee this morning because I forgot to buy it yesterday. And naturally, I had no coffee and got zero sleep last night. With middle age comes some sleepless nights. Enter this guy. My... Read more »

Eleven great websites to inspire you

A few years ago, I semi-intentionally stopped watching the news at night, preferring to read my news online, picking and choosing the sites and stories I needed to read in order to keep up with the world. I did the same with a lot of websites and tv shows I visited. I realized I was... Read more »

Gratitude - a list - week two

Today is day 15 of 30 Days of Gratitude, a series of blog posts dedicated to finding gratitude in all things big and small for the 30 days of November. I concluded last week with a list of seemingly small things I wrote about in my gratitude journal. Someone asked me recently how I decide what... Read more »

My daughter's oldest friendship brings me joy

They met as infants. Born five weeks apart in the summer of 1999, two opposite and adorable newborns were thrust into one another’s lives by the sheer will of their mothers. My friend and I were so close, it was natural we would want the same for our girls. We were realistic, however, and always... Read more »

Just keep writing

Just like Dori from Finding Nemo sang ‘Just keep swimming, just keep swimming,” I often say to myself, late at night or early in the morning, just keep writing. When I write, I forget the world for a while. I forget about anything wrong and feel more like myself than I do at any other... Read more »

Blessings of a sick day

Last week, I wrote a post called Gratitude breeds gratitude. The gist was, when other people feel, speak about and express gratitude, it becomes contagious. When my friends feel joy, I feel joy. When people are grateful, I not only feel grateful for them, I find myself looking for more opportunities to feel grateful myself.... Read more »

The postal worker made my day

The lady behind the counter at the post office made my day today. Sounds like a Pearl Jam song.. The morning was hectic. I handled all the normal business, the lunches, the getting ready, the last minute laundry before leaving the house. I needed to leave early to be sure I mailed an ever so... Read more »