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Hey JT, Here are five reasons you should be my best friend

Oh Justin. I’ve been meaning to write you for some time. I came to see you the last two times you were in Chicago and I gotta say your music, your dancing and your shows were spectacular. So tonight in Chicago it’s Blogapalooza. No silly! It’s not a new dance. It’s a monthly writing challenge for... Read more »

When your teenage son starts communicating less, don't despair

It was an ordinary weekend: Friday pizza and movie, Saturday athletics with the kids, a Saturday night dinner and Sunday was spent making meatballs and gravy the way my Nana used to make. This weekend was one of the best in my life. And at 45, I’ve seen a lot of weekends. My 14 year old... Read more »

Oregon Shootings: Thoughts and prayers are not enough

That’s what Obama said in response to the shootings at an Oregon Community College this morning. The President said “Thoughts and prayers are no longer enough in such situations because they do nothing to stop similar attacks.” As I write this, the Chicago Tribune reports at least nine are dead including the gunman. The story has changed... Read more »