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I've never felt more like a child than the day we buried my father

Three years ago today, I stood in front of family and friends on the Northwest side of Chicago and gave a eulogy for my father. We laughed and cried and were gently guided by a rabbi to the gravesite where we buried my dad in the ground, each of us shoveling a bit of dirt... Read more »

Mary Mitchell, rape is rape

Rape is rape. Whether you are attacked and beaten by a stranger in your home, or you are hooking up with someone you know on his sofa and decide you don’t want it to go any further and he forces himself on you anyway or if you are running on a secluded path and get... Read more »

Music for a better Monday

Mondays can be rough. Let’s start the week off with a kick! The Neen household needed a pick me up today – so here are some tunes I played in the kitchen this morning. Hope you enjoy them. The playlist says Top 5, but I threw in some extras, because, why not? It’s Monday…. Enjoy!... Read more »

I stopped writing in my gratitude journal and this happened

I love writing in a gratitude journal. Something about acknowledging all I am thankful for keeps my spirits up and as the saying goes “turns what I have into enough!”  For years, I’ve been happily habitual with my journal. Sometimes ten grateful nuggets flow out onto the pages, some days, I write only a blurb.... Read more »