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Five Ways Meditation Changed My Life

I began my meditation practice nearly three years ago by taking a weekly class at a truly wonderful studio. Since then, I vary my practice with classes, home meditation and online courses. All of it works for me, whether I meditate for 30 minutes or two minutes, meditation works. How does it work? What does... Read more »

Sometimes being married sucks, but I still love it

I attended a love fest recently. A wedding. At 45 years kinda young, I haven’t gone to a wedding in what seems like forever. Remember those days when you were going to a wedding every weekend? Not so much anymore. So it was with complete joy and excitement hubs and I attended my friend’s wedding... Read more »

When Did it Become the Norm to be Mean?

Meanness, whether in tone, looks or words seems to be the norm lately. Last month, I reached out on Craigslist to buy last minute Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga tickets in the pavilion. I found a set of four (I needed two) going for $500. I texted the seller and offered $200 for two tickets, hoping that... Read more »

Watching Old Videos Brings me Joy and Validation

My baby girl turns 16 next week. Sweetest 16 year old girl ever, in my opinion, naturally. But my girl, my pumpkin, my DoverGirl, my O, is reaching a milestone birthday, an I am overwhelmed with gratitude, joy and wonder. My hubs, Babygirl and I watched the video (yes we had video back then) of... Read more »

Losing Friends Hurts, Even When You're an Adult

As a mom of teenagers, I’m forever listening intently to my kiddos speak of their friendships, wondering which kids will stay around, which kids may hurt mine, or which kids my kids may hurt. Friendships, relationships in general, are essential to a happy life. So even as we watch movies about mean girls and read... Read more »