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Five Beauty Items I am Loving This Summer

So every now and then I find products I love so much I absolutely need to share my love with anyone who will listen. There are so many beauty products out there, so many beauty bloggers, reviews and sales women dressed all in black trying to tell you what you need and why you need... Read more »

I'm Really Good at The Little Things That Make me who I am

It’s that time of the month… Every month, ChicagoNow bloggers participate in a writing challenge. We are given a topic and have one hour to write and publish the post. Here’s the challenge: “Without trying to be humble, write about something you’re really good at.” Say what? Am I good at anything????  Here’s my go. My... Read more »

Screw the Kale and Give me a Burger

I just finished a 10 day ‘jump start’ program that included weaning out refined carbs, sugar, caffeine, wine and dairy. Why would I deprive myself of my beloved morning java and my hug in a glass (wine) at night? Despite exercising, I started feeling really crummy, bloated and had super low energy and since it... Read more »

Creating Space for the People in our Lives

I started considering the concept of creating space for others right after reading Sheryl Sandberg’s beautifully moving Facebook post about her beloved husband which details her grief during the first 30 days of her mourning. Her post filled me, and many, with sadness and gratitude and a lesson to live our lives as fully as we can.... Read more »

Mom, I Don't Want to go to Camp This Summer

My soon to be 14 year old walked in the door a few weeks ago, with flushed cheeks and a ton of energy. “Mom, I just had the best day of my LIFE. I’ve been out since 10:00 this morning and it’s (*looks at the clock,) 4:30!” He went on. “We were at the park,... Read more »

I Feel Guilty I'm Not More Involved at My Kid's School

My children have each been in school since they were three. Which means I’ve been volunteering on and off for more than 12 years. I still struggle and feel guilty when I don’t participate in larger volunteer opportunities. I am learning to realize not only do I not like it, I’m no good at it.... Read more »